The IDEC Board is issuing a call to all IDEC members to participate in a Task Force starting in August 2023 and continuing through December 2023.


The purpose of the Task Force is to create guidelines in order to develop a summer workshop for IDEC members that is focused on research and mentorship. The workshop is intended to provide new members with mentorship for developing a research agenda including (but not limited to) writing a conference abstract, preparing a journal article, or establishing a critical creative scholarship agenda. It will also allow more experienced IDEC members to contribute to others through mentorship.

The Task Force will prepare recommendations for the IDEC Board to consider at their January Board Meeting for a 2024 summer workshop.

Task Force Charge

  1. Develop a format for a summer research workshop (consider in-person, hybrid, and virtual formats—pros and cons)
  2. Suggest a proposed format (duration and content)
  3. Provide a possible budgeting structure (how much will it cost? How will it be funded/paid for? Possible industry partners)
  4. Consider the viability of such an endeavor. Is this something IDEC should do? Or not? (pros and cons)

Communication Method

It is anticipated that the Summer Research Workshop Task Force will meet and communicate digitally using video conferencing technology. The Summer Research Workshop Task Force will average 2 calls per month. Additional calls may be needed to finalize the report to the IDEC Board. This will be up to the Task Force members.

Eligibility for the Task Force

Per IDEC policy, this is an open call to all IDEC members to participate, made in an effort to invite both established IDEC members as well as new members to contribute to the future of interior design education. Participation in the Summer Research Workshop Task Force would ideally require participation of a range of members including those new to education and IDEC as well as experienced design educators and those who have a record of volunteering with IDEC.

How to Volunteer for the Task Force

To put your name forward, please send an email to Lisa Tucker at by August 1, 2023.

Please include:

  • Your name, institution and department/program name
  • Title of your position
  • A brief sentence or two describing why you wish to participate in this Task Force and why you believe you can be successful

The Summer Research Workshop Task Force will assemble for its first call after August 15, 2023.

Thank you for providing your volunteer efforts to IDEC and to interior design education, scholarship, and service!