We offer a wide array of membership benefits that cater to diverse professional and educational backgrounds, ensuring a rewarding experience for all our members.

Our membership benefits encompass a range of valuable opportunities, including access to the organization’s renowned Annual Conference, engaging Regional Conferences, and more. Whether you’re an established professional, an emerging educator, a graduate student, or an industry affiliate, IDEC provides a platform for networking, knowledge-sharing, and growth within the dynamic field of interior design education.


We believe in fostering a diverse and inclusive community that empowers interior design educators and professionals to thrive. Explore our membership options, join our network, and embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and innovation in interior design education.

Professional Membership

  • Designed for full-time educators in Interior Design education.
  • Open to those with a Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral Degree in Interior Design or a related field from an accredited institution.
  • Eligible members gain a wealth of privileges, including conference attendance, access to the IDEC member directory, voting rights, committee participation,
    and more.

Adjunct / Associate Membership

  • Tailored for part-time or adjunct educators in Interior Design, as well as educators in secondary education.
  • Eligible members enjoy similar privileges as Professionals, including conference attendance and committee involvement.

Graduate Student Membership

  • Available to full-time students not engaged in full-time education.
  • Offers access to IDEC events, publications, and networking opportunities.

Industry Affiliate Membership

  • Open to industry allies interested in Interior Design education and IDEC’s activities.
  • Affiliates gain access to valuable resources, publications, and networking platforms.

Retired Membership

  • Tailored for retired members from educational institutions or design-related practices.
  • Provides opportunities for continued engagement, networking, and committee participation.
  • Please note, if you were an institutional member previously you must renew with one of the options above moving forward.

Honorary Membership

No Cost
  • An invitational category to recognize significant contributions to interior design education.
  • Honorary members gain access to IDEC events, publications, and networking.
IDEC Membership dues are due by September 1

If you are a new member joining between October to June, you will be asked to pay the full membership fee however you will receive a proration in your second year of membership when it comes time to renew. Please see IDEC’s proration policy for more details.

Please note, if you were an institutional member previously you must renew with one of the options below moving forward.

If you have additional questions on your dues renewal, please contact us at or (630) 544-5057.

Membership Benefits

Annual Conference

IDEC sponsors an annual conference that promotes and encourages dialogue through speakers, reports, seminars, tours and exhibits. This conference provides the opportunity for members to present research and exchange teaching methods. Presentations are juried in a double blind review process before acceptance. Business meetings are also scheduled during the annual conference. Members are allowed two free abstract submissions as well as discounted registration fees. ‎

Regional Conferences

Smaller group meetings are held annually in the five IDEC regions to encourage student, faculty, and professional interaction. Submissions to these conferences are also evaluated in a double blind review process. Members are allowed two free abstract submissions as well as discounted registration fees.‎

IDEC Exchange: A Forum for Interior Design Educators

IDEC Exchange: A Forum for Interior Design Educators, is an electronic newsletter that provides members with current information about IDEC activities and other items of interest. Submissions are limited to IDEC Members

Journal of Interior Design

This refereed journal is published quarterly. A subscription is included in the annual membership dues. Members can also access all electronic archives through the IDEC website.

Career Center

An up-to-date listing of position openings in Interior Design education is available on the IDEC website. Members have access to discounted posting rates.

Educational Innovation and Improvement

IDEC provides a forum to exchange information on educational methods and materials. IDEC advises and assists professional interior designers in continuing education activities. IDEC annually publishes Pecha Kucha presentations, Innovative Teaching Ideas, and Perspectives Video Shorts that are available for free or at a discounted rate to members.

Competitions and Special Projects

IDEC members have the ability to include special projects such as the Student Design Competition and the Interior Design Education Video Competition part of their curriculum. This is an exclusive member benefit.


Thirteen networks currently provide opportunities to exchange specialized information among IDEC members.

Grants & Awards

Each year IDEC honors outstanding contributions to interior design education through the Arnold Friedmann Distinguished Educator Award, Teaching Excellence Award, Community Service Award, Book and Media Award, and Partner in Education Award in addition to all of the Annual Awards. Additionally, IDEC members have the opportunity to apply for Grants and Scholarships through IDEC as well as the IDEC Foundation.

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We have various membership benefits, including the organization’s Annual Conference, Regional Conferences, grants, awards, competitions, and more. Learn about IDEC’s membership benefits here.