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We are protectors and designers of interior environments. Our integrity comes from our members.
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IDEC’s mission is to enhance interior design by assisting educators with effective teaching resources and promoting research. As technology evolves, the skills professionals need to advance have changed. IDEC supports professionals and educators, providing resources to navigate misconceptions and improve design applications for clients’ goals.

Fostering Responsible Design Through Education

As the leading association and authority on interior design education, we aim to advance responsible design thinking through education, scholarship, and service. We lead discussions that shape the design community, offer creative teaching tools, and provide a top platform for interior design scholarship. We prepare members for leadership in academia, communities, and the profession. We also support educator growth and promote community involvement.

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Our Core Values

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Explore all the key aspects of our journey, our people, and who we serve.

IDEC History

Discover the journey and evolution of IDEC from its inception to its current standing as a prominent organization.

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Meet the accomplished individuals who steer our vision and strategy through their leadership and expertise.

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Gain insights into our activities, achievements, and financial performance by exploring our comprehensive annual reports.

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Explore the global reach of IDEC as we highlight the diverse regions where our initiatives and impact extend.

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Learn about the valuable collaborations and partnerships that enable IDEC to drive positive change and innovation across various domains.

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We have various membership benefits, including the organization’s Annual Conference, Regional Conferences, grants, awards, competitions, and more. Learn about IDEC’s membership benefits here.