Discover a rich collection of IDEC’s diverse interior design publications, delving into the world of interior design environments. Immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and insights to enhance your understanding and creativity in this field. IDEC’s publications offer a valuable resource for anyone passionate about interior design.

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Journal of Interior Design

IDEC’s scholarly journal delves into interior design, unraveling its intricate connection with human perception, behavior, and experience. By focusing on this relationship, the journal enhances our understanding of how interior design profoundly impacts individuals. Through in-depth exploration, the journal enriches the field with insights that foster more effective and meaningful design practices.

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IDEC Exchange

Discover insights from industry leaders and stay updated on current interior design trends with our bi-annual publication tailored for educators. Explore the latest issues shaping the field, enhancing your teaching and professional knowledge. Elevate your expertise through The Exchange’s valuable industry perspectives.

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Member Published Books

Publish your work and read the work of other members. This page promotes IDEC-published books and chapters, aligning with their mission to advance interior design education, and fostering learning and growth in the field.

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Conference Proceedings

Discover a wealth of insights from IDEC’s past events. Explore presentations, panel discussions, and keynote speeches that capture their commitment to innovation and collaboration.