The purpose of the IDEC International Collaboration Taskforce is to explore opportunities for IDEC to identify, connect, and propose collaborations with international interior design education organizations, institutions, and educator colleagues. Identify opportunities for new members from international audiences.

Taskforce Charge

  1. Create a list of international organizations and contacts.
  2. Identify opportunities for international cooperation and propose strategies for implementation.
  3. Characterize the value of international membership and propose methods for attracting new members.
  4. Submit a report with recommendations to the IDEC Board for discussion and implementation.


Communication Method

It is anticipated that the International Collaboration Taskforce will meet and communicate digitally via video conferencing technology. The Taskforce will average two calls per month over a six-month period from the time a Chair is appointed.

Eligibility for the Taskforce

Per IDEC policy, this is an open call to all IDEC members, both established IDEC members as well as new members, to contribute to the future of interior design education. Participation in the International Collaboration Taskforce would ideally require interest and experience facilitating international collaborations and being part of a network of international educators.

How to Volunteer for the Taskforce

To put your name forward, please send an email to Lisa Tucker, ltucker@vt.edu, no later than Friday, October 15, 2021. Please include:

  •  Your name, institution, and department/program name
  •  Title of your position
  •  A brief sentence or two describing why you wish to participate in this task force and why you believe you can be successful

The International Collaboration Taskforce/Committee will convene for its first meeting the end of October 2021. The work is estimated to conclude in April 2022.

Thank you for providing your volunteer efforts to IDEC and to interior design education, scholarship, and service!