We are excited to announce the call for the inaugural Committee of the IDEC’s Student Design Competition. ‎IDEC Student Design Competition Committee will explore new opportunities and methods for creating and ‎facilitating the annual IDEC Student Design Competition. In addition, the Committee will administer and facilitate ‎the annual Student Design Competition.



The SDC Committee members must be active IDEC members in good standing with experience (as a judge, ‎developer, instructor, or reviewer) in a student design competition. Prior knowledge and/or experience with ‎double-blind peer review processes is desirable.‎


Election & Term of Service

  • Appointment: Appointed by the IDEC Board
  • Term: 2-year term. Responsibilities begin May 1 of the appropriate year and run until April 30. May be ‎reappointed for two consecutive terms.‎
  • Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week between May and June to develop the competition topic, with ‎responsibilities concentrated during the call, review, and dissemination of the annual SDC between January and ‎February.‎


Responsibilities and Duties

  • Participate in quarterly Teaching Collaborative meetings facilitated by the Teaching Collaborative ‎Coordinator and, if possible, attend the annual Teaching Collaborative meeting during the annual IDEC ‎conference.
  • Review the previous year’s competition outlook.
  • Update the annual call for proposals and evaluation rubric
  • Manage the schedule for proposal submittals ‎
  • Receive and respond to questions from competition participants
  • Facilitate a double-blind peer review process
  • Communicate with IDEC to oversee the dissemination of the annual collection on the website.
  • Submit an annual report of activities to the Director of the Teaching Collaborative and, when appropriate, ‎submit a proposed budget for new and/or ongoing activities.‎


Programs, Events, & Committees

  • Director of Teaching Collaborative
  • Teaching Collaborative Coordinator
  • Teaching Collaborative ‎
  • Annual IDEC conference


Timeline ‎

  • Quarterly conference call with Teaching Collaborative ‎
  • May (early) to June (late): Update call for proposals for review by the Committee Disseminate call
  • January (Mid) to February (late): Identify and confirm reviewers, and update the evaluation rubric


Please fill out the interest form by June 1, 2023. After receiving all the applications, you will be contacted by Seyeon Lee, IDEC Director of Teaching, and Miranda Anderson, Teaching ‎Collaborative Coordinator. Thank you for your interest in serving on this Committee.