The purpose of the IDEC Environmental Stewardship Task Force is to identify opportunities and resources for our organization and members that will advance our commitment to environmental stewardship and our ability to reduce anthropogenic climate impacts.

Task Force Charge

  1. Review and analyze previous work and recommendations from prior sustainability initiatives.
  2. Create a statement of commitment including why is it important, what do we want to accomplish, and how will we measure our progress?
  3. Identify and catalog existing resources (Innovative Teaching Ideas, publications, videos, etc.) for inclusion on a new Environmental Stewardship resource page on IDEC’s website.
  4. Identify new opportunities and resources to advance research, teaching and service.
  5. Identify responsible and sustainable management practices appropriate for an organization of our size and purpose.
  6. Submit recommendations to the IDEC Board of Directors for review.

Communication Method

It is anticipated that the Climate Stewardship Task Force will meet and communicate via Zoom. The Task Force will average two calls per month over a six-month period from the time a Chair is appointed.

Eligibility for the Task Force

Per IDEC policy, this is an open call to all IDEC members, both established IDEC members as well as new members, to contribute to the future of interior design education. Participation in the Environmental Stewardship Task Force ideally requires a strong interest and experience in research, teaching and service activities related to or supporting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

How to Volunteer for the Task Force

To put your name forward, please complete the online interest form below no later than Friday, December 17, 2021. If you have questions about this task force, please contact Marsha Cuddeback, mcuddeback@lsu.edu.