Submissions Due: Monday, June 12, 2023

The Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) invites educators from around the globe to submit an ‎Innovative Teaching Idea for potential inclusion in the IDEC 2023 Innovative Teaching Ideas Collection. ‎Submissions are double-blind and reviewed by a panel of distinguished interior design educators who will ‎recommend acceptance for publication under Innovative Teaching Ideas on IDEC’s website; as such, ‎and subject to college/university tenure and promotion guidelines, an Innovative Teaching Idea may ‎be appropriate for inclusion in an educator’s curriculum vitae record. ‎

An Innovative Teaching Idea (ITI) is an Interior Design project, assignment, or other planned learning ‎activity developed and facilitated by an Interior Design educator that advances creativity and ‎effectiveness in teaching and learning in Interior Design. Inclusion in the IDEC Innovative Teaching ‎Ideas Collection recognizes the author as a leader in innovative teaching. In the spirit of collaboration ‎and advancing the education of interior design students, IDEC invites educators to share their ideas ‎and experiences. Formerly selected projects are available at‎ideas/.‎


  • Monday, June 12 Submissions received no later than 11:59 PM CST
  • Monday, June 26 Review deadline for reviewers
  • Monday, July 10 Email notice of acceptance with reviewer scores and comments
  • Monday, July 24 Authors submit the release form and address reviewer comments (if any)
  • Monday, July 31 IDEC 2023 Innovative Teaching Ideas Collection available on IDEC website



Submissions are welcome in these categories: Studio Projects, Non-Studio Projects, Exercises, Focused Topic Reading Lists or Anthologies, Field Trip Itineraries and Details (with applied learning exercises), and Other Planned Learning Activities.


This special topic opportunity seeks proposals to be disseminated during Teaching and Learning (TL) in the Round sessions at the annual IDEC Conference. Accepted submissions will showcase innovative teaching methods and include examples of student work. Presentations are expected to be highly interactive between the presenter and participants. A combination of digital and hard copy media is encouraged. Presenters should organize the presentation to make the adoption of concepts by attendees as easy as possible. Presenters should plan on 20 minutes for presentation and discussion, repeated for three (3) consecutive round tables. A one-hour-long TL in the Round session features three (3) different 20-minute presenters/topics facilitated simultaneously and allows attendees to participate in each of the three presentations.


To assure blind review, submissions must NOT include author(s) name(s), institutional affiliation(s), course numbers, or any other forms of identification. Submissions that do not satisfy all requirements will be disqualified from review. All submissions must be made through the online submission form. The online submission form provides further instructions regarding submission requirements. Only submissions received through the online process will be accepted for review.


To support broad representation among educators, a limit is imposed on the maximum number of Innovative Teaching Ideas submitted each year. Authors serving as the primary author are limited to two (2) submissions annually. IDEC members may submit up to two ideas without charge. Non-IDEC members may submit up to two ideas for a review fee of $20 for each idea.


Ideas are reviewed for their attendance to excellence and innovation. Reviewers will use the following criteria to assess each submission and make recommendations for acceptance.

  1. The ITI demonstrates an innovative teaching and learning method or approach.
  2. The ITI is well-organized, clear, and appropriate for the intended audience.
  3. The ITI adds significant value to the current state of Interior Design education.
  4. The ITI lends itself to easy adoption by educators from other institutions.


To cover costs for dissemination, IDEC will make the Innovative Teaching Ideas available to members and non-members as follows:

  • Full or half-semester-long studio projects: $30 non-members, $15 members
  • Shorter projects: $15 non-members, $10 members
  • Exercises or smaller-scope projects: $5 non-members, Free members


Contact the IDEC Innovative Teaching Ideas Coordinator, Jake Son, Assistant Professor, Department of Construction Management and Interior Design, College of Architecture and Planning, Ball State University,