The IDEC Best Poster Presentation Award acknowledges quality scholarship and presentation at the Annual Conference. The IDEC Director of Regions coordinate with the Conference Abstract Review coordinator to determine the top five abstracts accepted for presentation at conference. The five abstract presentations are then scored by selected IDEC members at the Annual Conference.


Abstracts must score among the top five abstract submissions for annual conference. Abstracts must also be presented by the author(s) at conference.


Abstracts must meet the SOTL/SODR requirements for the Annual Conference call for scholarship.


The regional chairs select individuals from each region to jury the top five abstracts to determine the best poster presentation. Poster presentations are scored using a rubric.


  • 2023Bringing VR to the Classroom: Integrating Virtual Heritage Projects as Part of the History of Interiors Curriculum Eiman Elgewely
  • 2022Indoor Air Quality Activity in Interior Design Education, Hebatalla Nazmy, Paulette Hebert and Aditya Jayadas
  • 2021Interior Design in State Mental Health Facilities: How Interior Design Elements Can Impact Patient Wellbeing, Corrie Ostrander and Steven Webber
  • 2020 – New Evidence Educates Future Informal Learning Environments, Miyoung Hong, Ashlynn Engelhard, and Annie Mimick
  • 2019 – Interior Design Elements in the Treatment of Patients Experiencing Psychosis from Schizophrenia, Melissa Brown
  • 2018 – Music as a Mediator: Designing a Public Music Library, Caroline Matteson
  • 2017 – Design-Build: A Campus Mother’s Room, Laura Morthland
  • 2016 –  Design Thinking: Providing Opportunity for Underserved Communities with the Design Discipline, Jessica Walton
  • 2015 – Teaching Freehand Analytical Drawing: Strategy and Pedagogy based on Polanyian Philosophy of Knowledge for Millennia Design Students, Ryadi Adityavarman, Kansas State University