2021 IDEC Video Competition Winners

First Place
Screenshot of a video competition winner's video

Building Tiny During COVID-19


Students: Nina Struble, Maria Delgado

Faculty Advisor: Maria Delgado

Institution: Colorado State University


This video touches on the challenges of taking classes during COVID19 while also trying to build a tiny home.

Second Place
Screenshot of a video competition winner's video

The Pandemic & Interior Design


Students: Kerrington Johnston, Morgan Ott

Faculty Advisors: Pallavi Swaranjali & Natalia Fancy

Institution: Algonquin College


Many employees have been sent home to work due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, not everyone has a functional work area. Spaces that do not feel safe can trigger stress and depression. Interior Design has the ability to fix this issue. This video aims to help people transform their work area into a functional and productive space by using key Interior Design fundamentals. This video focuses on mental health and how interior design can help people struggling who are with their mental health from the pandemic.

Third Place
Screenshot of a video competition winner's video

Resilience in Interior Design: [Re]think [Re]invent [Re]connect


Students: Alyssa O’Neal, Mikayla Adkins, Rachel Aranda, Katie Cunningham

Faculty Advisor: Migette Kaup

Institution: Kansas State University


Resilience in Interior Design: [Re]think [Re]invent [Re]connect focuses on displaying the impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had on the interior design profession and, conversely, the ways in which interior design has the ability to shape an occupant’s health and well-being. Our job as interior designers has always been to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. That will never change, but the entire world and how we function is evolving. As a result, we as interior designers are having to [re]think the way the built environment affects where we heal, where we learn, and where we gather. The virtual world has opened new doors and encouraged innovation. Rather than feeling limited by our new modes of interaction with others, we as interior designers have [re]invented the way we work during these unprecedented times. The way we’ve transitioned to work, has allowed us to [re]connect with others in new ways. The virtual world has become and will remain an integral part of our everyday lives. For now, and in the future, we will remember to stay resilient. We are the interior designers of the future and we will rethink, reinvent, and reconnect to support and uplift humanity.


IDEC members can integrate special projects like the Student Design Competition and the Interior Design Education Video Competition into their curriculum.

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