2022 Award Winners

Service Awards

Community Service Award

Stephanie McGoldrick, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Presidential Service Award

Bryan Orthel, Indiana University at Bloomington

Seyeon Lee, Syracuse University

Suk-Kyung Kim, Yonsei University

Education Awards

Teaching excellence award

Rana Abudayyeh, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Excellence award

Lindsey Fay, University of Kentucky

Book Award

Jill Pable, Yelena McLane, and Lauren Trujillo,
Homelessness and the Built Environment: Designing for Unhoused Persons (2021)

Media Award

Michael Schwarz, Ann Mayle, and Carl Matthews,
Put the Hot Back in Hot Springs: A Micro Documentary Featuring Preservation and Adaptive Use Design

Annual Conference Awards

Scholastic Awards

Best Presentation: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Andrew Baque, Louisiana State University
The Intersection of Racism and Interior Design

Best Presentation: Scholarship of Design and Research

Sam Bennett, Parsons School of Design & Andrea Sosa Fontaine, Kent State University
Slow Interiors Manifesto: A Renewed Framing of Interiors

Best Presentation: Members Choice

Stephanie Sickler, Florida State University & Helen Turner, University of Kentucky
(SODR)- Life Cycle Analysis: The State of Materials Education in Interior Design Programs

Kendra Ordia, University of Nebraska Lincoln
(SOTL) – Biophilic Interior Spatial Ecologies

Best Poster

Hebatalla Nazmy, Paulette Hebert and Aditya Jayadas
Indoor Air Quality Activity in Interior Design Education

Creative Scholarship Awards

Best CS: Design as Art

Cory Olsen, University of Oregon & Linda Zimmer, University of Oregon
Mass Timber, Small Format. Squall Stool Prototype

Best CS: Design as Idea

Lois Weinthal, X/Ryerson University; Wen Liang, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University; Alice Huang, X/Ryerson University
Interior Archipelago & Postcards from Our Islands: a collaboration of postcards representing interiors during Covid-19,


Every year, IDEC recognizes exceptional contributions to interior design education with awards like the Arnold Friedmann Distinguished Educator Award, Teaching Excellence Award, Community Service Award, Book and Media Award, and Partner in Education Award, alongside other Annual Awards.

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