2019 IDEC Design Competition Winners


Thank you to CIDQ for sponsoring the 2019 Student Design Competition

This year’s IDEC Student Design Competition, sponsored by CIDQ, charged students with combining the educational structure of a vertical studio with the practice of service learning. Coordinated by the IDEC Regions, we had 43 schools submit 119 entries; 105 undergraduate and 14 graduate.

Undergraduate Winners

First Place



Students: Amanda Wegener & Cassandra Crawford

Faculty Advisor: Wendy Hynes

Institution: Purdue University

Region: Midwest

Second Place



Students: Laura Blythe & Laine Hertel

Instructor: Wendy Hynes

Institution: Purdue University

Region: Midwest

Third Place



Student: Amanda King

Instructor: Penny Fobler Cressy

Institution: Yorkville University

Region: British Columbia

Undergraduate Finalists by Region

East Region
Midwest Region
Pacific West Region
South Region
Southwest Region

Graduate Winners

First Place



Students: Katherine Barrett & Gloria Hahn

Faculty Advisors: Nam-Kyu Park & Linda Stevenson

Institution: University of Florida


Behind the scene of art works is always attractive for people and makes them more familiar with the essence and the background of the artwork. Thus, while we were designing a place which integrates the work and life of an artist couple from Navajo, we decided to satisfy visitors scene of curiosity about the Navajo tribe’s customs and facts that are hidden beyond the loom by including some concepts and motifs of their life.

Integrating the life, work and social activities like the wefts and wraps of a rug offers more freedom and flexibility to artists. Thus, as the artist turns valueless things to a masterpiece, in BEYOND THE LOOM, we are turning 3 raw shipping containers to a great, occupiable space for life and work.

Graduate Finalists by Region


IDEC members can integrate special projects like the Student Design Competition and the Interior Design Education Video Competition into their curriculum.

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