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Congratulations to the 2023 Video Competition Winners:

  • 1st Place: Designing with the Senses: Neurodiversity: Kansas State University: Benjamin Hall, Savannah Harrison, Jadyn Wolf, Olivia Richardson. Faculty Advisor: Migette Kaup. See video here
  • 2nd Place: Neurodivergent Individuals and Sensory Experiences within the Educational Environment: Texas Tech University: Paloma Vargas, Angelle Hamon, Raquel Rodrigues. Faculty Advisor: Michelle Pearson. See video here.
  • 3rd Place: Can You Hear Me?: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth: Genevieve Gannon, Morgan L. Palm. Faculty Advisor: Stephanie McGoldrick. See video here.
  • 3rd Place: Rethinking the Design Symphony: George Washington University: Josef Beal, Diana Galvez, Aytan Muradzade, Ilayda Sakalli, Maya Rao. Faculty Advisor: Erin Speck. See video here.

View all past winners here

The 2024 Theme: Artificial Intelligence + Interior Design

Interior design is an inherently creative discipline, drawing upon human intelligence, ‎boundless creativity, and profound empathy to recognize and solve intricate design ‎problems. The ever-evolving landscape of technology has ushered in a transformative ‎era for numerous creative fields, including interior design. Particularly noteworthy is the ‎integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has revolutionized the way designers ‎approach their work. ‎

Over the past two decades, AI-powered tools and algorithms have emerged as ‎indispensable aids, empowering designers with enhanced spatial planning, data analysis, ‎and simulation-based forecasting capabilities, enabling them to make informed ‎decisions. In the year 2022, a significant milestone was reached with the advent of ‎‎’Generative AI,’ now readily accessible to the public, enabling the generation of diverse ‎content modalities, from text and images to audio and animation. The prospects of ‎Generative AI are met with excitement and promise by many, while others express ‎concerns and skepticism about its implications when employed by the public.‎

In light of this transformative collaboration between human intelligence and AI, IDEC ‎announces the 2024 Video Competition, centering on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence ‎‎+ Interior Design.” We invite interior design students to delve into the profound impact of ‎AI on the future of interior design. As the next generation of design professionals, we ‎welcome your point of view, thought-provoking insights and compelling perspectives that ‎explore the synergistic relationship between human creativity and the boundless potential ‎of AI within our dynamic field. Concepts demonstrated through original audio and video ‎content are highly encouraged.‎

Video submissions might address questions such as: ‎

  •  What is the potential impact of AI on the future of the interior design profession? ‎
  •  How can AI be integrated into the design process to enhance creativity? ‎
  • How might AI-driven design systems collaborate with human designers, and what ‎is the future of AI-human design partnerships in the industry? ‎
  • What ethical considerations should interior designers consider when using AI-‎powered design tools? ‎
  • Will AI impose new trends? How does AI-driven data analysis and trend ‎forecasting influence design decisions and aesthetics? ‎

Video Requirements

  • The video must be between 1-3 minutes in length. Be efficient and succinct! Videos from past years – including 2023 winners – can be viewed here.
  • No copyright or infringing content (audio or video) can be included. You can learn more about these issues in quirky, informative online videos such as this one. Any citations should be included on the final screen of the video.
  • Original and creative approaches to the video are encouraged. This could include original imagery, interviews, testimonials, demonstrations, case studies, or non-traditional ideas including copyright-permissible music. The video should be entertaining and positive with a message that advocates our profession. Successful submissions in the past have utilized original imagery and video content.
  • The video must be recorded and presented in a landscape ‎orientation. Avoid recording videos in portrait orientation. ‎

Videos will be judged on 5-point scales using the following rubric:

    1. Video relates well to the topic
    2. Video show imagination, creativity, and inspiration
    3. Video has a clear and compelling message
    4. Video contains original content (beyond or instead of stock video)
    5. Video is of a professional quality

Who may participate?

  • ‎Interior design students engaged in a higher education program of study in interior design ‎with a minimum of 40 semester / 60 quarter hours in interior design coursework leading to ‎a degree, certificate or diploma. ‎
  • Students may work individually or in a team.‎
  • Projects must be supervised by a faculty advisor. Students will be required to list a faculty ‎advisor for their project on the Online Submission Form. ‎
  • Students may team with interior design educators and/or interior design practitioners to ‎complete videos.‎
  • We will accept a maximum of 3 undergraduate and 3 graduate projects from each program. Therefore, six is the maximum number of video submissions possible if the program has both graduate and undergraduate submissions.

Submission Requirements

All submissions materials are due by May 31, 2024. There are several steps required for submissions:
  1. Upload Your Video to YouTube(on an anonymous account)
  2. Complete the Online Submission Form

Entries will be judged by a panel of professionals from across interior design professional organizations. The finalists will be announced online by July 31, 2024. Cash prizes to be announced. It is recommended to send questions via email copying both Mohammad Dastmalchi ‎‎(dastmalchi@ku.edu) and Lori Guerrero (‎l.guerrero@ttu.edu) for quicker response time. ‎. ‎

We look forward to seeing your submissions!