Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the compilation of questions submitted related to the Student Competition. Please review when preparing for your submission.

Please clarify the requirement for the ceiling height. The maximum area is indicated as part of the design scenario but not the height

There is no ceiling height requirement.

Could you clarify and elaborate little more about the first person research requirement?

The first-person research is not a requirement but rather a suggestion of further exploration into the project topics and how it may be affecting the student’s community.

Would the space underneath an awning or overhang count towards the square footage if it is not enclosed?

All covered, under roof, or enclosed space will count toward the 50 square meter maximum.

If they design a structure does any landscaping or pathways designed with and around it count against the total square footage?

Landscaping and pathways do not count toward the maximum 50 sq meters. The 50 square meters is measured from the enclosed space. A reminder that this is an interior design project that must have elements of enclosure.

Are students allows to add a QR code in the poster to show a video? (such as walkthrough of the space they are designing?

In order to ensure blind reviews, QR codes are not allowed on submissions.

Are high school is allowed to participate in this completion?

The competition is open to undergraduate or graduate interior design programs that have at least one faculty member that is a member of IDEC.

Are there height and/or number of levels restrictions?

No height or level restrictions

Does the square footage need to occur within 50 sq. meters or can it sum to 50 sq meters while being distributed across various distant locations?

Total enclosure space of 50 square meters. If it is two locations, the square footage of each space would be added together and cannot exceed 50 sq meters.

Are we allowed to design a space that is 50 x 50 sq meters (27,000 sq ft) or just 50 sq meters (538 sq ft)?

50 square meters or 538 square feet

How will the 50 square meter limit be measured/confirmed? Should students dimension their plans or include a graphic scale?

A: Submissions should include a graphic scale. Major dimensions are also helpful

We understand that the limit for the design is 50 square meters (approx. 538 sq. ft.). Does this mean that the total floor plan space allotted must be less than or equal to 50 square meters (meaning that if there are several levels, does the total sq. footage of each level have to add up to 50 sq. meters)?Or does the 50 sq. meters reference the footprint of the ground space (so each level can be up to 50 sq. meters)?

Total enclosure space of 50 square meters. If it is two levels, the square footage of each level would be added together and cannot exceed 50 sq meters.

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