2024 Student Video Competitions


Interior design is an inherently creative discipline, drawing upon human intelligence, ‎boundless creativity, and profound empathy to recognize and solve intricate design ‎problems. The ever-evolving landscape of technology has ushered in a transformative ‎era for numerous creative fields, including interior design. Particularly noteworthy is the ‎integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has revolutionized the way designers ‎approach their work. ‎

Over the past two decades, AI-powered tools and algorithms have emerged as ‎indispensable aids, empowering designers with enhanced spatial planning, data analysis, ‎and simulation-based forecasting capabilities, enabling them to make informed ‎decisions. In the year 2022, a significant milestone was reached with the advent of ‎‎’Generative AI,’ now readily accessible to the public, enabling the generation of diverse ‎content modalities, from text and images to audio and animation. The prospects of ‎Generative AI are met with excitement and promise by many, while others express ‎concerns and skepticism about its implications when employed by the public.‎

In light of this transformative collaboration between human intelligence and AI, IDEC ‎announces the 2024 Video Competition, centering on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence ‎‎+ Interior Design.” We invite interior design students to delve into the profound impact of ‎AI on the future of interior design. As the next generation of design professionals, we ‎welcome your point of view, thought-provoking insights and compelling perspectives that ‎explore the synergistic relationship between human creativity and the boundless potential ‎of AI within our dynamic field. Concepts demonstrated through original audio and video ‎content are highly encouraged.‎

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Video Scenario

Video submissions might address questions such as: ‎

  • What is the potential impact of AI on the future of the interior design profession? ‎
  • How can AI be integrated into the design process to enhance creativity? ‎
  • How might AI-driven design systems collaborate with human designers, and what ‎is the future of AI-human design partnerships in the industry? ‎
  • What ethical considerations should interior designers consider when using AI-‎powered design tools? ‎
  • Will AI impose new trends? How does AI-driven data analysis and trend ‎forecasting influence design decisions and aesthetics? ‎

Submission Requirements

Upload Submission: Upload Your Video to YouTube (on an anonymous account)

Submission Form: Complete the Online Submission Form

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Submission DeadlineMay 31, 2024

Past Recipients

1st Place
Designing with the Senses: Neurodiversity

Team: Benjamin Hall, Savannah Harrison, Jadyn Wolf, Olivia Richardson.
Faculty Advisor: Migette Kaup
Institution: Kansas State University:

2nd Place
Neurodivergent Individuals and Sensory Experiences within the Educational Environment

Team: Paloma Vargas, Angelle Hamon, Raquel Rodrigues
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Pearson
Institution: Texas Tech University

3rd Place
Can You Hear Me?

Team: Genevieve Gannon, Morgan L. Palm
Faculty Advisor: Stephanie McGoldrick
Institution: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

3rd Place
Rethinking the Design Symphony

Team: Josef Beal, Diana Galvez, Aytan Muradzade, Ilayda Sakalli, Maya Rao
Faculty Advisor: Erin Speck
Institution: George Washington University

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