The IDEC Teaching Excellence Award recognizes an individual’s or team’s success in the development and delivery of a specific educational experience that yields exceptional student learning. Any IDEC member in good standing can make a nomination for the IDEC Teaching Excellence Award. Individuals may not self-nominate.

-Articulation of the purpose, methods, and outcomes of the experience
-Relevant experience to interior design
-Effective method/technique that yields exceptional student learning outcome(s)
-Specific teaching excellence documented by development and repetition of a teaching effort such as a project, assignment, exercise, field trip, evaluations etc.

-IDEC member in good standing
-IDEC member for at least two years
-The educational experience must be associated with an established interior design program within higher education.
-If a team is being nominated, then one team member must meet the above qualifications and have made significant contributions to the development and delivery of the educational experience.

Submission Requirements:
-Nomination Letter (from Nominator): The nominator must submit a nomination letter (not to exceed 750 words) that addresses the criteria listed above.
-Supporting Documentation: The nominee may provide up to 10 pages of supporting documentation that could include syllabi, handouts, examples of student work, student evaluations, etc.
-Support References: Submit the names of three references. References will be asked to complete an online form of support that asks for rankings directly related to the criteria. Additionally they will be able to submit comments (not to exceed 500 words) to help provide direct information regarding the stated criteria. At least one of the letters should be from a student who participated in the educational experience.