A group of motivated individuals, working to establish a home for collections in their community, have been given space near their city center known as “Old Towne” to develop a small “Global Village Museum.” This museum will provide visible evidence of the international interests and mindset of many of the local citizens.

International residents contribute greatly to the development and education of their community and provide priceless service in helping our citizens understand the world. The vision is to develop a truly a globally-minded community that welcomes all. This museum will provide an interesting and welcoming anchor to the downtown area that will attract community members and visitors.

Interiors designers are often invited to be involved in community design projects – both on a pro bono or paid basis. This small commercial design project will expose students to local codes, and the remodel design process that happens in many tenant (rental) spaces.

Teacher Lesson Plan
Commercial Building Plan Example

Developed by Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D., Colorado State University, and Peggy Harrison, Ret. Teacher, Cherry Creek High School, Denver, Colorado, as a result of a partnership between the Interior Design Educators Council, and State of Colorado – Colorado Technical Education + Family and Consumer Science (CTE + FCS) Division.