Forced to flee their homelands for a safer future, families and/or individuals often desire to preserve their culture and traditions in their new homes. However, at times, homes built in the United States do not support these traditions. Difficulties posed by the house plan threaten the cultural identities of these families and create stress in their lives. How can the built environment – culturally sensitive housing designs – support and foster diversity in ways of living and well-being?

This interior design project is to encourage research into the space planning and furniture arrangements needed to support change in living accommodations for a particular population in your community.

Teacher Lesson Plan
Student Lesson Plan

Developed by Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D., Colorado State University, and Peggy Harrison, Ret. Teacher, Cherry Creek High School, Denver, Colorado, as a result of a partnership between the Interior Design Educators Council, and State of Colorado – Colorado Technical Education + Family and Consumer Science (CTE + FCS) Division.