The Journal of Interior Design is a scholarly, refereed publication dedicated to a pluralistic exploration of the ‎interior environment.  The Journal seeks to move the discipline forward by welcoming scholarly inquiry from ‎diverse and interdisciplinary approaches, perspectives, and methods that actively explore and analyze the ‎evolving definition of the interior.  The Journal’s publications investigate the interior relative to design, human ‎perception, behavior, and experience, at all scales and for all conditions.  Scholarship published in the Journal ‎shapes, informs, and defines interior design education, practice, research, criticism, and theory.  ‎

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Andrew M. Ibrahim, MD, MSc1, Justin B. Dimick, MD, MPH2
1Department of Surgery, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, United States; 2Department of
Surgery, Center for Healthcare Outcomes and Policy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI,
United States

Call for Volunteers

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Special Issue Call for Papers

The past three years of COVID-19 disruption has solidified the importance of design leadership in solving our most complex problems. Health, education, sustainability, well-being, communication, technologies, hybridization, diversity, equity, inclusion, and empathy are just a few of the challenges faced by our profession. During these tumultuous times, how have designers continued to serve as leaders? How do we define interior design leadership? What experiences are necessary to be considered a leader? Are there schools of thought that delineate outstanding leadership? How do we use our leadership skills to collaborate with other disciplines? How do we expand leadership opportunities? How do we mentor the next generation of leaders? What types of leaders are needed for the 21st century? The Journal of Interior Design (JID) welcomes guest editor applications from individuals who can bring these thought-provoking issues to the forefront through the lens of the interior environment.

JID continues to disseminate high quality articles on a wide variety of topics in its annual special issue. Past topics include creative scholarship, thinking the body inside, neuroscience, technology, and diversity, equity, and inclusion, each expertly curated by a guest editor(s).

If you are interested in guest editing a special issue on leadership, we invite you to submit a proposal. We are particularly interested in underrepresented scholars, and those with varied disciplinary backgrounds (e.g., business, education, fine arts, psychology, and more).

Please include a 250-word abstract that summarizes the topic of leadership and an updated/abbreviated CV. We encourage applicants to consider calls that are relatively broad and enticing in order to support the greatest range of submissions. The JID Board of Directors and Editors will evaluate the submissions with the following criteria: timeliness/relevance of topic, potential to create a robust response with high quality submissions, and evidence that applicant(s) has the experience to curate a scholarly journal. Please send proposals to Joan Dickinson ( Deadline is June 1, 2023. A decision will be made shortly after receiving proposals.

Uncovering Structures: Making Visible Hidden Biases
Registration of Interest due March 1, 2022
Submissions due February 1, 2023

‘It is not Interior Decoration’: Passing’ and ‘Covering’ Exclusion, and Expanding the Margin of Interiors Discourse
Registration of Interest due March 1, 2023
Submissions due January 1, 2024

New Virtual Issue

In the latest virtual issue, When You Can’t – Designing Supportive Housing for Refugees, Dr. ‎Tasoulla Hadjiyanni asks readers to consider the following: “What does home mean to you? What ‎defines your identity, and who would you be if you lost those elements that constitute your being? ‎Then, take a look around your home and ask yourself: What would I take with me if I had to flee ‎my house while bombs were falling all around me? And, how would I pick up the pieces to rebuild ‎my life as a refugee?” Dr. Hadjiyanni, who sought refuge at a Meneou plantation during Turkey’s ‎invasion of Cyprus, curates JID articles focused on vulnerability, dignity, and resilience that ‎provide design recommendations related to supportive housing. As you read these papers, ask ‎yourself: What kind of design interventions can you employ to transform housing into home for a ‎population that hopes their relocation will be a temporary situation? And, how can design help ‎heal the traumas of displacement, restoring dignity and a belief in the future?‎

Access this issue’s articles here.

JID Best Article

Year 2022 Recipient
PJ Carlino Ph.D.
JID 46.1 Tied to the Desk: The Somatic Experience of Office Work, 1870–1920 (pages 27-43)

Year 2021 Recipient
Giyoung Park Ph.D., Upali Nanda Ph.D., Lisa Adams, Jonathan Essary M.Arch., Melissa Hoelting B. Arch, HKS, USA
JID 45.1 Creating and Testing a Sensory Well-Being Hub for Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities (pages 13-32)

Year 2020 Recipient
Stephanie Liddicoat
JID 44.2 Spirituality in Therapeutic Spaces: Perceptions of Spatiality, Trace, and Past Rituals Manifesting Present Occupation (pages 26-42)

Year 2019 Recipient
Amy Huber
JID 43.4 Exploring Hiring Practitioner Preferences for and Assessment Practice of Prospective Candidates (pages 21-44)

Year 2018 Recipient
Xiaobo Quan, Anjali Joseph, & Upali Nanda
JID 42.1 Developing Evidence-based Tools for Design and Evaluating Hospital Inpatient Rooms (pages 19-38)

Year 2017 Recipient
Dianne Smith & Linda Lilly
JID 41.2 Understanding Student Perceptions of Stress in Creativity-Based Higher Education Programs: A Case Study in Interior Architecture (pages 39-55)

JID Outstanding Reviewer of the Year

Year 2022 Recipient
Dr. Marilyn Reed
Oregon State University

Year 2021 Recipient
Dr. David Wang
Washington State University

Year 2020 Recipient
Ronn Daniel
Kent State University

Year 2019 Recipient
Dr. Nisha Fernando
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Year 2018 Recipient
Dr. Joan Dickinson
Radford University

Year 2017 Recipient
Dr. Lucinda Kaukas-Havenhand
Syracuse University