The purpose of the IDEC Student Design Competition Task Force is to explore new opportunities and ‎methods for creating and facilitating the annual IDEC Student Design Competition. This competition has ‎been offered for over 15 years separately through regional conferences. ‎

Task Force Charge
‎1.‎ Review existing IDEC student design competition procedures ‎
‎2.‎ Research and analyze contemporary methods for facilitating design competitions
‎3.‎ Submit a report with recommendations to the IDEC Board for discussion and implementation.‎

Communication Method
It is anticipated that the Student Design Competition Task Force will meet and communicate digitally via ‎video conferencing technology. The Task Force will average two calls per month over a three-month ‎period from the time a Chair is appointed. (Tentatively from January to March 2022)‎
Eligibility for the Task Force

Per IDEC policy, this is an open call to all IDEC members to participate, made in an effort to invite both ‎established IDEC members as well as new members to contribute to the future of interior design ‎education. Participation in the Student Design Competition Task Force would ideally require interest and ‎experience facilitating student design competitions or design competitions in general.‎

How to Volunteer for the Task Force ‎
Fill out the form below to submit your interest. You will be contacted by the IDEC Teaching Director and ‎Coordinator if chosen. 4-6 volunteers are needed.‎

Task Force Volunteer Form

Submissions are due no later than Friday, December 10, 2021.

The IDEC Student Competition Design Task Force will convene for its first meeting the second week of January 2022. Thank you for providing your volunteer efforts to IDEC and to interior design education, scholarship, and service!

Procedure for Appointments

The following procedure will be used as a guide when making appointments.

  • A call for volunteers shall be advertised according to the process for calls
  • Director and/or President identifies Chair
  • Chair and Director discuss nominees for task force
  • Chair develops outline of responsibilities and expectations for serving on the task force, and contacts nominees and invites them to participate
  • Director is responsible for final appointment to the work group.

Proposed Timeline

  1. November 2021: Advertise a Call for Student Design Competition Task Force members
  2. January 2022: Appoint a Chair, invite members to participate, convene the first task force meeting
  3. January – March 2022: Work in progress
  4. March 2022: Task Force make recommendations
  5. April 2022: new Student Design Competition committee formed
  6. July 2022: new Student Design Competition call released