The Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC), the professionally recognized association for interior design educators in North America, was conceived in 1962 and was named and formalized at its first conference in 1963. As described in its first Constitution, the stated purpose of the organization was to be “dedicated to the development and improvement of interior design education,” to establish and strengthen ‘lines of communication between individuals, educational institutions and organizations concerned with interior design,” and to strive “to improve teaching of interior design, and through it the professional level of interior design.” This broad purpose enabled IDEC’s founders to lay the foundation for a long and significant history, one that has had a major impact on the interior design profession.

IDEC began to compile its history in 1972, and later had anniversary celebrations at its annual conference in 1982, 1987, 1992, 2008, and 2012. When the first efforts began, members recognized that IDEC had a significant history and that the history was important internally as well as externally to the profession as a whole. Without these early efforts and continuing ones by IDEC members, IDEC would not have its developmental footprint, historical archives, historical identity or milestone markers charted on this website. In essence, its history served as its memory keeper and its foundation for growth.

IDEC History compiled by:

Buie Harwood, FIDEC, Hon. FASID
Professor Emeritus, Interior Design, VCUArts
IDEC Arnold Friedmann Educator of Distinction 2012
ASID Educator of Distinction 2003