Congratulations on your abstract acceptance for the 2023 IDEC Annual Conference, to be held March 8-11 in Vancouver, BC. Please complete the information below by Wednesday, December 21 to confirm your presentation. If you do not complete these steps by the deadline, your presentation acceptance may be rescinded. If you are declining your acceptance, please indicate that below as well.

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Please note the conference schedule will be provided to presenters by January 13, 2023. Because of the complexity of ‎the conference schedule and the many stakeholders accommodated, changes in that schedule cannot be made. We ‎appreciate very much your careful planning and your contributions to the IDEC Annual Conference.‎ 

Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

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Upon selection of your Abstract, Creative Scholarship, or 20|20 submission, you agree to present among your peers at the 2023 Annual Conference and agree to the publication listed below in this agreement. Terms of Publication Agreement: 1. Grant of License. The Presenter, hereby licenses to IDEC a nonexclusive, limited license to copy and distribute the presenter’s submission in paper, video or electronic media format including IDEC’s website for conference archives, publications, and other conference-related proceedings. The Presenter licenses IDEC to film his/her presentation for use on IDEC’s website and in conference-related proceedings. 2. Warranties of Presenter 2.1. The Presenter’s Warranties. The Presenter represents and warrants that he/she is the owner of the entirety of the rights in the accepted submission and has the full power to enter into this Agreement and grant this limited, nonexclusive limited license. The Presenter holds the rights of all supporting images in his/her submission and grants IDEC permission to film aforementioned images during the presentation. The Presenter further represents and warrants that the accepted submission does not constitute any infringement of any valid and subsisting copyright and that IDEC’s use of the submission will not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party. 2.2. No Grant of Other Rights. No other rights, permission or consent is necessary for IDEC to use the submission in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, nor are any fees, royalties or a use payment of any kind due to Presenter or any third parties in connection with the exercise of the license granted by Presenter. This Agreement is between Interior Design Educators Council and Presenter named above. Typing your name into the field below authorizes the Agreement.