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In keeping with IDEC’s Strategic Plan goal of increasing collaborations, we are pleased to ‎announce the IDEC Teaching Collaborative in partnership with New York School of Interior ‎Design. On October 8-9th, NYSID will host a hybrid-format international symposium, “Teaching ‎Green: Sustainability and Interior Design Education”, for which IDEC will manage the collection and review of the teaching ideas, through the Teaching Collaborative. The final teaching submittals will become an IDEC Innovative Teaching Idea Collection, and will be posted on the IDEC website. The Teaching Green Symposium will present and celebrate exemplary interior design teaching ideas and exemplary and innovative interior spaces in which sustainability is ‎the key component.

NYSID “Teaching Green: Sustainability in Interior Design Education” Symposium

The Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) invites educators from around the globe to submit ‎to ‎Innovative Teaching Ideas for potential inclusion in the Teaching Green Symposium hosted ‎by the New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) in October 2021. ‎Submissions are double-‎blind reviewed by a panel of distinguished interior design educators who will ‎recommend ‎acceptance for a pre-recorded presentation at the symposium and publication under Innovative ‎Teaching Ideas on IDEC’s website. As such, ‎and subject to college/university tenure and ‎promotion guidelines, an Innovative Teaching Idea may ‎be appropriate for inclusion in an ‎educator’s curriculum vitae record. ‎

An Innovative Teaching Idea (ITI) is an Interior Design project, assignment or other planned ‎learning ‎activity, developed and facilitated by an Interior Design educator that advances ‎creativity and ‎effectiveness in teaching and learning in Interior Design.‎

Inclusion in the IDEC Innovative Teaching ‎Ideas Collection recognizes the author as a leader in ‎innovative teaching. In the spirit of collaboration ‎and advancing the education of interior design ‎students, IDEC invites educators to share their ideas ‎and experiences.‎

Submission Requirements

Submissions are welcome in, but not limited to, these categories: Studio Projects, Non-Studio ‎Projects, Exercises, Field Trip Itineraries and Details (with applied learning exercises), ‎and Other ‎Planned Learning Activities.‎
Topics may include any that fall under the sustainability umbrella including, but not limited to, ‎materials and finishes, wellness, environmental justice/design equity, circular economy, carbon ‎footprint, repurposing/recycling, biophilia, design for disassembly, design for deconstruction, ‎adaptive reuse, vernacular and indigenous building methods, cultural and historical approaches ‎to sustainability.‎

To assure blind review, submissions must NOT include author(s) name(s), institutional ‎affiliation(s), ‎course numbers, or any other forms of identification. Submissions that do not ‎satisfy all requirements ‎will be disqualified from review. All submissions must be made through ‎the online submission form. ‎The online submission form provides further instruction regarding ‎submission requirements. Only ‎submissions received through the online process will be ‎accepted for review. ‎

Procedure and delivery

After a submission is accepted, a six-minute video recording of the Innovative Teaching Idea must be submitted for inclusion in NYSID’s Teaching Green Symposium’s virtual symposium. The narrated presentation can include slides, videos and other media. Specifications for the recording will be posted on acceptance.

Pre-recorded video presentations will be streamed as part of the Teaching Innovation Speed Presentation segments during the NYSID teaching Green Symposium on October 9, 2021.  There will be three segments of Teaching Innovation Speed Presentations. Each segment will have three pre-recorded presentations followed by a live-streamed Q&A with presenters from that segment.

Recordings of presentations will be posted on NYSID’s Teaching Green Microsite and NYSID’s academic website, and credited images may be used across communication and social media platforms.

Criteria for Review

Ideas are reviewed for their attendance to excellence and innovation. Reviewers will use the following criteria to assess each submission and make recommendations for acceptance.

The submission:‎

  • demonstrates an innovative teaching and learning method or approach
  • is well organized, clear, and appropriate for the intended audience (designers, ‎educators, students)‎
  • adds significant value to the current state of Interior Design education
  • lends itself to easy adoption by educators from other institutions


Contact Barbara.Weinreich@nysid.edu, Teaching Green Symposium Coordinator at NYSID

2021 NYSID Innovative Teaching Idea Winners

To download any of their Innovative Teaching Ideas, login to the online store here.

  • Dr. Carol Bentel– Stop the Waste on the Inside
  • Tetsu Ohara– Biomimicry
  • Erin Speck– Application of Green Certification Strategies
  • Stephanie McGoldrick– Sustainable Strategies Study
  • Yu Nong Khew– Food Waste as Construction Material
  • Nadia Elrokhsy– Pre-Design, ID, and Design for Sustainability

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