1994 Milestones

As stated in the final IDEP Research Report, “the purpose of this research study was to develop a structured training program for entry level interior designers through a monitored, salaried work experience in preparation for professional qualification. The guidelines established for this work experience will link the three-step process of education, experience, and examination. This proposed international program will serve as the common model.” As stated in the Forward of the report, “the idea of a monitored entry level work experience program has been in the minds of interior designers since the mid 1970s when an ASID committee, chaired by Rita St. Clair, proposed such a system in the Report of the Internship Task Force.” Members of the Research Team include three IDEC members: Dianne Jackman, Chair, representing FIDER as a past Chair; Buie Harwood, representing NCIDQ as a past President; and Ronald Veitch, representing IDEC as a past President. The Advisory Board included representatives from ASID, CFID, FIDER, IBD, IDC, IDEC, ISID, ISP, the Issues Forum, and the Governing Board for Contract Design Standards.