2015 IDEC Video Competition Winners

First Place
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Interior Design: Debunking Misconceptions of Youth


Students: Kelsey VanDyke, David Ramsey, Xin Du, Katelyn McCarley

Institution: University of Oklahoma


For the video project we decided to begin brainstorming on what being an interior designer means to us. We did this by drawing concept map that helped display all of aspects of interior design, deciding that the most relevant to educating students on interior design would be codes, sustainability, obtaining a degree, and job opportunities.

As an introduction, we wanted to point out some common misconceptions about interior design. This would be done by interviewing subjects that have not been exposed to the interior design profession. For the questioning we asked the students of a high-­‐school art class “What do you think interior design is?” As suspected the students were unaware of the complexity of interior design and the professional responsibilities that interior designers endure.

After interviews, the video transitions into a comparison of interior design compared to interior decorating. The video is simple, using a student writing out the key words of the dialogue to highlight important points. It states that interior decorating focuses on making a space aesthetically attractive while interior design deals with more. It points out the importance of designing for health, safety, and welfare as well as using sustainability. The video then outlines the steps it takes to becoming an interior designer. It describes what the ‘Three E’s’ are and what they mean. The ‘Three E’s include education, experience, examination. The video quickly lists many of the possible job possibilities an interior designer may have.

Second Place
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Why Choose Interior Design


Students: Christine Galley, Sian Brown

Institution: Radford University


This video is geared to informing high school or junior high school students about why majoring in interior design is a viable degree path. We believed it was important to express how fun our major is and that students who graduate in this field get jobs!

Our creative approach utilized time lapse video and stop motion video techniques to express the importance of selecting interior design as your profession. The video presents the field interior design as a non-threatening college major. The video emphasizes the career path of education, experience and examination. By attending an accredited interior design program, the student will learn all the tools they need to be successful. Interior Designers are Passionate, Excellent, Empowered, Engaged, Learned, Professional, Curious and Ethical.

Third Place
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The World of Interior Design


Students: Domeny Anderson, Nicolette Gordon

Institution: Mount Ida College


A true understanding as to what interior design is seems to be lost within the nation. Many people have a tendency to confuse interior design with interior decoration, leading them to believe that interior design deals purely with aesthetics. “The World of Interior Design” is a creative lyrical expression of what it truly means to be an interior designer in the industry. Its lyrics expresshow safety and function are two large factors that designers deal with every day. The music video not only highlights what interior designers do, but also brings light to the fact that core subjects learned in middle and high school are applicable in everyday designing. Any subject that a student finds to be their passion can be related back to interior design, and can open the door to many different career paths in the future.

Music seems to have the power to take hold of one’s mind while simultaneously altering your mood and emotional experience. Paul Newham, a musical therapist, writes that music has the ability to take cognitively challenging activities and transform them into a primary and primitive pleasure: singing. Newham also states how music can enhance the potential for information retention. It is said that a song with a melody, that can be rehearsed serval times, is the key to moving information into ones long term memory. Once information is stored into long term memory it is a lot harder to forget. With such ability, this song has the potential to creatively inform students of the wonderful profession of Interior Design in a way that they will always remember.


IDEC members can integrate special projects like the Student Design Competition and the Interior Design Education Video Competition into their curriculum.

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