Student Resources

eInternship Engagement Opportunities

The COVID-19 crisis disrupted many traditional internship opportunities for many students across the globe. Shelter-in-place policies mandated for public safety forced an evolution in how educational institutions approach traditional internship programs and how firms support interns. Together with premier partners Stantec, ASID, IIDA, My Resource Library and Design Manager, IDEC launched eInternship, a module-based program with the resources an educator needs to create, complete and advance a virtual internship program for their students.

As part of the eInternship program, IDEC has gathered professionals across the many facets of interior design who are ready and willing to help guide students through the various elements that are typically experienced in a face-to-face internship program.

Students should review our list of practitioners who are ready to meet with students 1:1, then complete this survey with their needs to be connected with the appropriate professionals.