Joining IDEC as part of an Institutional Group Package is available to educational institutions with multiple educators engaged in Interior Design education and/or research.
General Eligibility for Institutional Group Membership Package:
  1. The Institution must offer Interior Design instruction.
  2. The Institutional Group Package must include 3 (three) or more Professional and Associate Members.
  3. The Institutional Group Package must include one Professional member who will serve as the Designated Professional.
Once the qualification criterion is met, the program/department can select an institutional member package that fits the institution’s needs by bundling memberships at a discounted rate. Benefits to those additional members are determined by their membership category.
Role of the Designated Professional
In order to qualify for the institutional group package, a program/department must have a minimum of 1 (one) eligible Professional member. One eligible Professional member must become the “Designated Professional” for the institution. Their role includes:
  • Initiate the institution membership sign-up process
  • Assist staff in participating
  • Receive confirmation of staff participation
  • Submit final document for Institutional Group Package
Professional category members who opt to join via the Institutional Group Package option retain all the privileges of the Professional membership category including the privilege of voting, serving on boards and committees. Other Professional member benefits for this/these individuals are those stated in the IDEC Policies and Procedures.