Creative Scholarship


Categories: Idea, Interior, Art

Entrants may submit projects/works in either or both categories listed below, up to a combined total of three submissions. A single submission may not be submitted to multiple categories. The selection process is blind reviewed by nationally and internationally recognized jurors who are interior designers, architects, artists, or curators. At least one member of each jury will be an IDEC member.

Design as Idea

Projects in this category explore the entire spectrum of design. Submissions can either be conceptual in character and/or completed projects, furniture design, lighting, product design, stage/set design, textile design, exhibition design, etc. Conceptual works can range from diagrammatic visual explorations of a theoretical design idea to illustrative design works.

Design as Interior

Projects in this category explore the entire spectrum of built or fabricated design. Submissions should be built work including commercial, residential, entertainment, institutional, or hospitality design. These will specifically consider an exploration or design intimately related to the interior built environment.

Design as Art

Projects in this category would be any works of art; either created as individual pieces or composed as a series consisting of multiple parts. Works may be produced in any media, including but not limited to all traditionally based mediums, as well as digital, multi-media, or installation.

Past Recipients


Cory Olsen, University of Oregon & Linda Zimmer, University of Oregon
Mass Timber, Small Format. Squall Stool Prototype

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