IDEC Mission

The mission of The Interior Design Educators Council, Inc. is the advancement of interior design education, scholarship, and service.


IDEC will be recognized as the leading association and authority on interior design education by:

  • Advancing responsible design thinking through education, scholarship, and service.
  • Advancing the interior design profession’s Body of Knowledge.
  • Participating in leadership discussions and actions that affect the entire design community.
  • Being the leading venue for the publication, presentation, and dissemination of interior design scholarship.
  • Preparing members for leadership roles in their academic institutions, communities, and the interior design profession at large.
  • Providing support for the professional development of interior design educators at all levels.
  • Engaging interior design educators in service to the organization and to the greater community.

Core Values

  • We believe in the value of an accredited, formalized interior design education.
  • We believe the preparation of an interior designer includes learning through formalized education, scholarship, and service.
  • We believe the foundation of interior design education is grounded in ethics and encompasses environmental, cultural, social, global issues.
  • We believe in an open dialogue and collaboration among colleagues.
  • We believe a successful interior design education depends upon the participation of diverse groups of people.