Q: Do you have to renew as an Institution online or is there a printable form?
Because of the complexity of the Institutional Membership process, you must apply/renew online.
Q: Is there a way to create one form that lists all of the members that are part of the institutional membership?
The Designated Professional will receive an email listing each of the individuals that have renewed/joined as part of the institution.
Q: I can pay online with an institutional credit card for amounts under $1000. But for amounts over that I have to submit a purchase order. What do I do in that situation?
You have the option at the end to pay by either check or credit card. If you select check, your renewal will not be finalized until payment has been received.
Q: When I start to fill in the form it looks like an individual membership, not an institutional membership. My institution only pays for institutional memberships, so how do I know that when I finish the form my institution will pay?
The first step of the process is choosing institutional or individual.
Q: My university credit card can only be ‘swiped’ one time in order to pay for the entire institutional membership. Under the current process the designated professional enters all their data for all members under the institutional category, then each member’s credit card info has to be entered separately. When I swipe that same institutional card separately for each member it red flag’s it to the institution that these are individual members not institutional and the institution will not pay for them. The only way the institution will pay is if the (institutional) credit card is charged one time (one swipe) to the institution (not the individual).
Payment does have to be entered for each person. If this is the case, I would suggest paying by check. If paying by check is not an option, please contact IDEC to inform them that you will be entering the institutional membership online. At the end of the process for each person, you will come to the payment screen. Select Paying by Check for each. The Institution’s status will then be “Pending check receipt”. You will then need to call IDEC to provide credit card information that will be manually ran as one transaction. The renewals will be completed upon receipt of this.
Q: My university will only pay if the membership is to the institution, not the individual. When I finish online registration will I get a form that states that the university is the member and selects the designated members and their membership status? I need this to pay by credit card or purchase order.
Institutional memberships are owned by the institution or university. The membership benefits and privileges are those of the individual. A confirmation email will be sent to the designated professional listing the individuals and prices for each. If you require a detailed invoice, please contact info@idec.org
Q: How do I get a receipt?
The designated professional will receive a confirmation once they release the applications for processing. Once processing is complete each individual member will receive a confirmation. Also, there is an option during the application process to indicate if an additional person should receive a receipt.