Consider the benefits of having your entire department join IDEC through an Institutional Group Package.
Joining IDEC as part of an Institutional Group Package is available to educational institutions with multiple educators engaged in Interior Design education and/or research. The Institutional Group Package is an excellent way to:
  • validate the professionalism of your staff
  • allow everyone in your department to enjoy the benefits of IDEC membership, and
  • realize a cost savings over multiple individual members.

There are 426 IDEC members who are part of an Institutional Group Package representing 30 educational institutions. Most groups are made up of 6 IDEC members with the largest group having 43 members.


Membership Category Individual Rate Institutional Rate
Professional Membership $320 $305
Adjunct/Associate Membership $260 $245
Graduate Student Membership $99 Free



  1. Attend all meeting and functions of IDEC, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Receive two free abstract submissions as well as discounted registration fees for Annual Meetings and Regional Conferences.
  3. Receive all publications and mailings i.e., JID, IDEC Exchange, and eNews
  4. Access the “members only” section of the web site
  5. Receive access to IDEC’s eInternship
  6. Allows the institution paying for the membership to transfer a membership from one person to another to accommodate changes in staff *
  7. Allows membership fees to be paid by the institution in a single payment if needed
  8. Individuals included in the institution membership may identify themselves as IDEC members in their appropriate membership categories

*Transfer a membership to a different individual over the course of a year following these guidelines:

  1. The institution must initiate the transfer using the IDEC online membership system. The new member will be prompted to complete a membership application.
  2. Memberships may be transferred only to members with the same qualifications (i.e. Professional to professional, adjunct/associate to adjunct/associate, etc.)
  3. The institution must maintain a minimum of 3 Designated Professional members.



Frequently Asked Questions

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