2021-2022 Position Descriptions:

The President-Elect serves as the Chief Executive Assistant of IDEC, and in the absence or disability of the President, performs the duties and exercises the power of the President.

Election & Term of Service 
Election: Elected by the membership
Term: 1 year (1 year as President-Elect, followed by 1 year as President, followed by 1 year as Past President)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Serves on the Board of Directors and carries out Board responsibilities
  • Serves as delegate of the President at the request of the President
  • Performs duties and exercises power of the office of the President in the absence or disability of the President
  • With the assistance of IDEC Staff, maintains the bylaws and submits proposed bylaw revisions to the Board and subsequently to the membership. Prepare goals and objectives for the term as President of IDEC
  • Serves as a representative to the Issues Forum
  • Serves as IDEC Board Liaison to the Communication Committee
  • Performs duties associated with other tasks and initiatives as identified by the President and/or the IDEC Board.


Rene King
Columbia College

Rene King is an Assistant Professor of Instruction in the Design Department at Columbia College. She holds degrees in Interior Design and Architecture, is NCIDQ certified and a LEED AP. King has over 20 years of professional experience and has worked for a number of award-winning architectural firms in the United States and France. Her current research interests explore design, placemaking, and social justice in Chicago. She has served on the IIDA Illinois Chapter Board of Directors for nearly six years as VP of Student Affairs, President-Elect, President, and currently, Past-President.

The Secretary.Treasurer oversees the areas of correspondence and finance.

Election & Term of Service 
Election: Elected by the membership; occurring in even numbered years
Term: 2 years (May serve for two consecutive terms for a total of 4 years)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Serves on the Board of Directors and carries out Board responsibilities
  • Chairs the Finance Committee
  • Oversees the recording of minutes and notes of all convened Board meetings and the Annual Meeting ensuring minutes are submitted in a timely manner for the Board’s approval and amendments as noted.
  • Oversees the development of the annual calendar for dissemination on the Website and in the Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Prepares the annual budget in concert with the Finance Committee (Past-President, President-Elect, and the Executive Director) for presentation to the Board
  • Presents a Financial Report at the Annual Conference business meeting
  • Presents the Annual Financial Report in the IDEC Annual Report
  • Serves as overseer of IDEC accounts and arranges for audit of the IDEC records and transactions by a CPA at three to five year intervals or as deemed appropriate
  • Maintains and updates the Policy and Procedures Manual to conform to Board approved policies and procedures and submits revisions to IDEC Headquarters for publication on the website in a timely manner.


Sandra Reicis
Villa Maria College

Sandra Reicis began working at Villa Maria College in 2002 where she was successfully promoted to professor in 2016. She holds a Master of Architecture degree from SUNY at Buffalo, and a Bachelor of Arts from York University in Canada. She has been actively engaged in IDEC serving as East Regional Chair, abstract reviewer and most recently 2019 East Regional Conference Host. Sandra also volunteers as a board member to New York Eleven Plus.

The Director of the Service Collaborative serves as the visioning entity on matters related to IDEC Scholarship and works with the Scholarship Collaborative to direct those visions.

The Director-At-Large for Service also liases on behalf of the IDEC Board with the Network Chairs and the Awards Chair on all matters related to service.

Election & Term of Service 
Election: Elected by the membership; occurring in even numbered years
Term: 2 years (May serve for two consecutive terms for a total of 4 years)

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Serves on the Board of Directors and carries out Board responsibilities
  • Grassroots/collaborative groups submit proposals to the Board through Director of the Service Collaborative
  • Director of the Service Collaborative attends collaborative meetings whenever possible
  • Director of the Service Collaborative is generally knowledgeable about the activities and proposals of groups in his/her area of responsibility for IDEC Board reference
  • Director represents the Service Collaborative during IDEC Board visioning


Stephanie Sickler
Florida State University

Stephanie Sickler is an Assistant Professor and Foundations Coordinator in the Department of Interior Architecture and Design at Florida State University. A primary focus in her classes is exposing design students to rich programming experiences through experiential learning and collaboration with community partners. She teaches undergraduate interior design courses in design foundations, materials, and visual merchandising. Stephanie received her Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Florida State University where her graduate research focus was generational studies and interior design pedagogy. Prior to returning to Florida State, Stephanie taught interior design at the University of Alabama for a number of years. Her research interests include student engagement through service experiences, sustainable design education, and studies in community housing. Stephanie has served IDEC through a variety of leadership roles including Regional Graduate Student Travel Scholarship Coordinator for the South Region and Service Collaborative Coordinator.


There is one Regional Chair for each region of IDEC who guides and directs the business of the region and reports activities of the region to the Board of Directors. Regional Chairs are elected biannually from the professional members of the region. The Regional Chairs serve staggered two-year terms with the election of the East, Midwest, and Southwest Chairs occurring in even-numbered years and the election of the South and Pacific West Regional Chairs occurring in odd-numbered years. Regional Chairs who move out of their region during their term of office are replaced. The President, with approval of the Board, appoints a new Regional Chair for the remainder of the term.

Election and Terms of Service
Election: Elected by the members of the Region
Term: 2 years; May be reelected for 2 terms for a total of 4 years.

Responsibilities and Duties of the Regional Chairs


  • Maintain communications with regional members. This is accomplished through the, “membership” section of the IDEC website, Newsletter, eNews, the regional listserv, etc.
  • Each Regional Chair must submit a report of activities to the Newsletter.
  • Contact regional colleagues who did not renew their IDEC membership.
  • Communicate with the Board of Directors by means of a written report, IDEC website, and through the Director of Regions.
  • Keep channels of communication open with practitioner organizations in the region – IIDA, ASID, AIA, etc. This may be accomplished by attending meetings, sending copies of regional newsletters, and inviting practitioner organizations to regional meetings.
  • Communicate with other Regional Chairs.
  • Regional Chairs should meet at least once as a group during the Annual Conference to facilitate shared responsibilities and determine membership issues.
  • Forward issues at the regional level to Director of Regions.
  • Appoint a representative from the region to the membership committee
  • Appoint a representative from the region to the nominating committee


Policy for Covering Costs Associated with Regional Chair Duties xii.
IDEC supports its leaders by covering or reimbursing specific expenses that would be incurred in addition to attendance at other regular IDEC activities. For the Regional Chairs, this includes coverage of the additional night lodging required to attend meetings prior to the annual conference. No travel costs are covered for traveling to the annual conference. Lodging costs are covered by the bookings made through the IDEC staff and will be at the conference hotel venues. Regional Chairs will cover other costs associated with attending the annual conference in the same manner as required by other members of IDEC.


  • Each Regional Chair shall submit a budget for review and approval by the Board of Directors according to the annual budget cycle; see calendar. The budget shall allow for expenses related to the Regional Chair’s required attendance at the Regional Conference (in the fall), as well as expenses anticipated to cover Regional activities and initiatives
  • Administer the budget of the region. Each region and its activities should be self-sustaining. Headquarters.
  • All funds collected at the regional level are forwarded to the IDEC Headquarters.
  • Separate accounts through institutions or personal avenues are illegal.
  • All member mailings or copies needed at the regional level can be sent through the IDEC Headquarters to avoid undue expenses.

Regional Meetings

  • The location of the fall Regional Meeting is determined by the Regional Chair and/or members in that region. A Regional Meeting host is typically solicited at the Annual Conference along with the location of the Regional Meeting. The Regional Meeting host tasks include 1) determining accommodations at the meeting site; 2) developing registration materials; 3) identifying theme of meeting; 4) developing a realistic meeting budget; 5) inviting a keynote speaker, if desired; and 6) creating a meeting agenda. The Regional Chairs tasks include 1) developing and facilitating a business meeting agenda, and 2) approving meeting decisions as developed by the host.
  • A Regional Meeting is typically composed of a business meeting, abstracts, posters, speakers, teaching forums, creative scholarship, and public forums. Alternative formats are acceptable and must be approved by the Regional Chair. The meeting schedule is determined by the Regional Chair and meeting host.
  • The Regional Chair is responsible for identifying a professional IDEC member, outside the region, to coordinate the Call for Presentations. The Call for Presentations follows the criteria and format used for the Annual Conference.
  • The proceedings of the Regional Meeting may be published and distributed to regional members. The funds to publish the proceedings have typically been generated from Regional Meeting registration fees or from a corporate sponsor.
  • Due to the size or geography of some regions, IDEC members may choose to attend a Regional Meeting outside their region. Therefore, publicity for a Regional Meeting is disseminated to all IDEC members.
  • The spring Regional Business Meeting is held in conjunction with the Annual Conference. Agendas are determined prior to the meeting.



Anna Gitelman

Suffolk University

Early in her career, Ms. Gitelman worked as an architect for several Boston’s top design firms where she developed expertise working on large interdisciplinary projects. As Design Director at Arrowstreet, Ms. Gitelman led cross-disciplinary teams and was responsible for the design and development of a large infrastructure projects that include strategic redevelopment of the old railroad yard in downtown Miami to urban renewal of the historic center of Worcester. She was instrumental in the adoption of technical innovation to achieve high sustainability goals and high design standards.

Anna received her MDES from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design. Her undergraduate work in Architecture and Urban Planning was completed at Moscow Architectural Institute, where she graduated magna cum laude.



Amy Roehl

Texas Christian University

Amy Roehl, Associate Professor & Interior Design Program Head at Texas Christian University, enjoyed a professional design career in Chicago where she worked for 2 nationally recognized architectural and interior design firms before moving into higher education. At Solomon Cordwell Buenz Amy worked as a project designer where she and her team executed a wide variety of projects including workplace, higher education, K-12 education and high-rise residential. At Soucie Horner Ltd. Amy served as a senior designer and project manager for high-end residential projects.

Currently Amy focuses upon creating connections between design practice and education empowering students to better understand the world they will enter post-graduation. She won a national award for media in Interior Design education for her web-based videos.



Connie Dyar

Illinois State University

Connie Dyar is an Assistant Professor of Interior Design and Program Coordinator at Illinois State University. Upon being appointed Program Coordinator, she reviewed and revised the Interior and Environmental Design program for its first CIDA process and site visit in 2001. She holds a Master’s Degree in Housing and Environmental Design, and has worked in residential and commercial design for more than 15 years. Over the years Ms. Dyar has been affiliated with many professional organizations, including the American Society of Interior Designers, National Fire Protection Association, International Interior Design Association, Interior Design Educators Council, and the Illinois Interior Design Coalition. Professional appointments include Chair of the ASID Central Illinois Association, Board Member of the Illinois Chapter ASID Nominating Committee, and Vice President of the Illinois Interior Design Coalition. Through the IIDC, she has devoted many hours to legislative activities that protect the professional practice of interior design. She currently is serving as Administrator for the IDEC Academy for which she was awarded the Outstanding IDEC Service designation. Her work related to building codes and standards has been presented at National Fire Protection Association international meetings and published in Fire Technology and the Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. Her professional work has included office design for McKnight Publishing, Eastland Medical Plaza, tenant space development and restaurant designs of the Winkler Building for Peoria River Front Development Project and retail design concepts for Promenade Mall with Cullen Properties. Most recently she served as the IDEC Academy Chair for which she planned, directed and implemented the first Teaching Symposium for the Interior Design Educators Council.


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