2022 IDEC South Regional Conference Agenda

IDEC South Regional Conference
October 6th – 7th, 2022
Spartanburg, SC


Converse University
Montgomery Student Center
580 E. Main St
Spartanburg, SC 29302


Pre-Conferencing Event

6:00-9:00 PM    Opening Reception

Cypress Creek House: The Home of Networking Sponsor David Cato and David Ricco

20 Olney Lane

Spartanburg, SC 29307

                             5.9 miles from AC Hotel Downtown


Thursday, October 6, Day 1

8:00-8:30 AM    Check-in

Converse University

Montgomery Student Center

580 E. Main St

Spartanburg, SC 29302

                            1.3 miles from AC Hotel


Morning: Weaving the Threads of Design


8:30 AM              Breakfast Converse University


9:00 AM              Introduction: Dr. Susanne Gunter, Chair of the Department of Art and Design

9:15 AM              Welcoming Speech: Dr. Chris Vaneman, Dean of the School of the Arts.


10:00 AM           Invited Guest Speaker: Catalina Miller, Ph.D., Clemson University


Achieving Social Sustainability in our Projects


Dr. Miller received her bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Saint Thomas University in Colombia. Shortly after graduating, she moved to the United States to pursue her master’s degree in Construction Administration from The University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Construction Engineering from Iowa State University. The results of her research, related to Social Impact in Infrastructural projects, were presented and published in national and international conferences and journals. Dr. Miller’s industry experience included working for Pella Corporation and Lennar Homes. She is currently working at Clemson University for the Construction Management and Science program as a Lecturer and Communication Coordinator. She is a great advocate for minorities and women in the construction industry.


11:00 AM           Guided Tour of Converse Historical District


There will be a guided tour coordinated by our esteemed Emeritus Professor Frazier Pajak of Converse’s Historic District, consisting of eight historical markers and five historically designated buildings situated on Converse University grounds. The building ranged in historical nature from 1891 through 1915. In 1889 out of concern for the educational opportunities of young women and the help of Dexter E. Converse, the Spartanburg community superseded a movement that led to the establishment of Converse University. Although the campus is situated within an urban setting surrounded by a more contemporary campus complex, the district preserves the character of the original campus. Architectural styles included within the historical district range from Romanesque Revival to Gothic Revival to Classical Revival and possessed compatibility of scale and material, which led to the certification by the National Registry on November 12, 1975.


Noon     Lunch Provided IDEC


Noon    Poster Presentation

12:00 Leaven. Strengthening Community by Breaking Bread Savannah Kruzner





Leaven is a community center focused on improving the public health of locals through food sourcing and education.
12:00 Biophilic Playgrounds for Children in Highly Transient Communities of Oahu Ying Yan








Although the future of biophilic playgrounds remains unknown, the result provides new insights into children–nature interaction in other indoor or outdoor playscapes around the world.
12:00 Opportunity to Adjust the Sails of a Researched Based Capstone Project: Divide and Conquer


Shelby S Hicks






Curriculum improvement assessment; evaluating the quality and depth of a student literature reviews after implementing a new research course.
12:00 Improving the Longevity of China's Senior Populations: Reducing Social Isolation and Loneliness Muxuan Zhao







The design goal is to support aged adults to better continue working and lifelong learning, which is helpful for seniors’ wellbeing by reducing loneliness.
12:00 Shaping socialization: Strengthening bonds between middle school students Alana Houston






Early adolescents experience many developmental changes that can make this time difficult. The school environment may assist with these challenges by increasing social support levels
12:00 Bright Futures: A Connective Work Environment for Start-up Entrepreneurs xinyu zhang





This thesis provides insight into a neglected issue of young entrepreneurs’ workspace in China through a qualitative study.
12:00 Turn Imagination to Photorealistic Visualization Peili Wang







The purpose of the presentation is to explore the good methods of teaching interior visualization using current technology to solve design problems.
12:00 Prototypical sleeping rooms design for memory care unit with attention to lighting controls and circadian rhythms. Haley Shufflebarger






A prototypical design for a long-term memory care unit that uses lighting controls to regulate circadian rhythms in adults with Alzheimer’s disease.
12:00 Evaluating Third Place Venue Design in China as a Catalyst for Imparting Chinese Music Heritage to Generation Z Culture Shiyu Wu







Reimagine Chinese music theme third place venue design by integrating cultural heritage and Gen Z culture from multiple perspectives
12:00 Psychological Trauma Rehabilitation: A Center for Children Affected by the Pandemic Yue Che




Interior design approaches that can help children enhance their rehabilitation from psychological trauma.
12:00 Explorations in Empathy: an on/off-campus challenge Chris Smith







Study among students around empathy for interior design clients with various limitations by allowing an experiential exercise in the context of an undergraduate studio.
12:00 Evidence-Based Residential Design for Aging-in-Place and Multi-generational Cher Pombuena







The goal of the project was to design a residence that can support aging-in-place and multi-generational living with the aim of promoting the health and well-being of the elderly population


Afternoon: Weaving the Threads of Design

1:00 PM              Presentation: Meirav Goldhour, MFA, Program Coordinator, Converse University

The Effects of the Designed Environment on Mental Well-being.


IDEC Scholarship Presentations w/Breaks

1:30 – 2:30 PM Scholarship Presentations SODR Open Track and Social and Environmental (Accredited CEU).


(20-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions for a total of 30 minutes)

1:30 Mill Owned Housing: Its History and its Constructs.



Jane Hughes


Student’s research into textile Mill owned housing and the sociological and economic realities of the average Mill employee.



1:50 Social Connections: Creating Opportunities of Social Interactions for Adolescents Within High School Spaces


Sarah Lopez


Interactions for adolescents through opportunities of social inclusion within high school spaces.
2:10 How can university learning center promote student learning behavior and lower their stress level?


Tony Wu


Well-being, passion, motivation, academic performance, study behavior, third place, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Bandwagon Effect, Pomodoro, experiential learning theory, Attention Restoration Theory, Place Attachment


2:30 Questions & Answer    


2:40 – 3:00 PM  Break


3:00 – 4:00PM   Virtual Reality Workshop/Presentation by McMillin Pazdan Smith Architecture

4:00 – 5:00 PM Scholarship Presentations Creative (Non-Accredited CEU)


(20-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions at the end of the block)

4:00 This is Interior Design


Taneshia West Albert


A juxtaposition of feminine contributions to the contemporary field of interior design historically dominated by masculine influences
4:20 Ecologically balanced ideation – regimes and effects of critique


Lindsay Tan


Critique has been a source of disturbance, as well as an integral part of ecosystem health, for as long as design has existed.
4:40 Contact with Materials: A Texture Study


Melanie Duffey


Texture study collages encourages experimentation with sensory elements of material properties as it relates to finishes within an interior space.
5:00 Questions & Answer    


5:10 – 5:30 PM  Break


5:306:30 PM  South Region Business Meeting


7:00 – 8:00 PM Cocktail Event at Jerome’s House – Small plates and

                             hors d’oeuvres. 

200 Dares Ferry Road

Spartanburg, SC 29302



Friday, October 7, Day 2  

*Must provide your transportation (encourage you to discuss carpooling)

Morning: Weaving the Threads of Design

8:00 AM             Arrival/Check-in Convers University

Montgomery Student Center

580 E. Main St

Spartanburg, SC 29302


8:00-9:00 AM    Breakfast at Converse University


IDEC Scholarship Presentations w/Breaks


9:00-10:30AM   Scholarship Presentations SODR Open Track (Accredited CEU)

(20-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions at the end of the block)

9:00 All We Ever Wanted: A heart conversation about HGTV Amy Roehl An investigation of HGTV’s enduring popularity questions how interior design educators might leverage a better understanding of the science of desire and anticipation.
9:20 Webcam-Based Eye Tracking in Interior Design Research: Preliminary Research Design Outcomes and Lessons Learned Alp Tural


Studying sense of spaciousness and opening designs using webcam-based eye tracking
9:40 Evaluating Themes in Undergraduate Interior Design Capstone Topics: A 4-Year Study


Sarah Boehm


An exploratory study was conducted to survey interior design capstone topics over a four-year span.
10:00 Questions & Answer    


10:15-10:30       Break


10:30 -11:30      SODR/Creative Scholarship Presentations (Accredited /Non-Accredited CEU)

(20-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions at the end of the block)

10:30 Bridging the Inequity Gap: Instructional Interventions to Improve Academic Success of First-generation College Students Saman Jamshidi


This study examined the effectiveness of two distinct course structures on the academic achievement of design students in a two-course sequence of technical courses.
10:50 Worthy


Anna Ruth Gatlin


A pillow constructed of discarded garment labels questions how decorative objects and high-end products are used to establish self-worth.
11:10 Revisiting Design Concepts in Color, Form, and Space through One-point Perspectives


Yaoyi Zhou


This presentation showcases renderings in a unified one-point perspective format as a way to revisit the essential design elements in projects.
11:30 Questions & Answer    


11:40 -12:00      Travel Time to Millikin & Company

Noon                  Facility Tour Millikin & Company

                             Lunch will be provided

920 Millikin Rd

Spartanburg, SC  29303

4.7 Miles (members are encouraged to coordinate carpooling)

2:30 -3:00 PM    Return to Converse


3:00 – 4:00         Scholarship Presentations Creative (Non-Accredited CEU)

(20-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions at the end of the block)

3:00 Warped: Demographic Disparities Woven in Design


Anna Ruth Gatlin


Two handwoven pillows visually convey data about demographic disparities between designers of space and those who exist in it.
3:20 Designing for Social Change: Through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Design for Employees with Special Needs Jane Marie Hughes


A look at influencing positive change through ice cream and the environment it is served in.


3:40 Juvenile Justice Centers: Addressing Rehabilitation Through Interior Design Callie Welsh


This thesis explored how rehabilitation-driven and results-oriented interior design can lead to the more humane treatment of youth offenders in juvenile justice centers
4:00 Questions & Answer    


Break 4:10 -4:30


4:30 – 5:30 PM    Scholarship Presentations SODR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (Accredited CEU)

(20-minute presentation with 10 minutes of questions at the end of the block)

4:30 Relief Revival Reincarnation


Lisa t moon, PhD


When the livability of the public housing interior space is prioritized through design elements, a renewed sense of ownership and connectivity to the space occurs.
4:50 Weaving Diverse Cultural Narratives into Studio Design Learning Objectives


Johnnifer Patrice Brown


Studio Design characteristics of cultural history, client profile and persona to create storytelling and student learning objectives.
5:10 The Role of Interior Design in Improving the Health of Latino Residents Living in Apartment Homes in Sandy Springs, GA


Natalie Holloway


Issues found in older apartments in Sandy Springs often impact health, creating an opportunity for interior design practitioners to offer meaningful improvements to Latino residents.
5:30 Questions & Answer    


Networking Event – Closing Remarks


6:30-9:00PM      Indigo Galleries

1914 E. Main St,

Spartanburg, SC 29307

                             2.3 Miles (members are encouraged to discuss carpooling)


Conference Raffle to be held at Networking Event at Indigo Galleries. Must be present to win…


Cost of Regional Conference

$145 – Flat rate for both conferencing days for both members and non-members.
Students $75 (remember you can join free).

Lodging:            AC Hotel by Marriott

Contact:            Michael Pope

Director of Sales


P: 864-585-8900 | D: 864-345-6913 | C: 818-703-3178

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