IDEC Book Award is given for recognition of the content of an outstanding book that exhibits excellence in addressing issues of the discipline of interior design including practice, research, and education.

-Content addresses issues of relevance to interior design practice, scholarship, education, or engagement
-Potential for significant impact on interior design profession
-Comprehensive nature of the coverage

-Author(s) may be from anywhere in the world
-Author(s) do not need to be IDEC members
-Publisher-nominated, self-nominated, or other nominated
-Published within the last five years
-Book: Includes such products as textbooks, trade books (i.e., written for designers or public), popular press books (written for public audience), etc.

Submission Requirements:
-Completed online form
-Documentation: The submission must include an uploaded digital copy of the Book or Publication being considered.
-Nomination Letter: The nominator must submit a nomination letter (not to exceed 500 words)
-Support references: Submit the names of three references

-Nominees shall be evaluated by the Awards Committee and sent to the IDEC Board of Directors for ratification. Award winners will be announced at the IDEC annual conference. IDEC reserves the right to not present these awards.