Quality teaching lies at the heart of Interior Design education and is a primary mission of the Interior Design Educators Council. Here you will find an array of teaching ideas, videos, links and other materials designed to enhance your teaching and the retention of knowledge and skills by your students. Whether you are a college/university educator, graduate student or practitioner contemplating an academic career, or teacher engaging K-12 students in interior design, there is something here for you!

About the IDEC Teaching Collaborative
The IDEC Teaching Collaborative is a group of IDEC volunteers dedicated to improving interior design teaching and learning. We welcome your efforts to support this cause. Contact Seyeon Lee, Teaching Collaborative Coordinator, for further information and opportunities.  We welcome your feedback and suggestions regarding these or other teaching offerings.

Steven Webber, IDEC Director (Teaching), Liaison to the Board (2020-2022)
Seyeon Lee, Teaching Collaborative Coordinator (2022-2024)
Madison Sabatelli, 20|20 Coordinator (2022-2024)
Position Open, Innovative Teaching Ideas Coordinator
Laura Kimball, IDEA Line Coordinator (2022-2024)

K-12 Committee
Susie Tibbitts, Chair (2022-2024)
Alana Pulay, Member (2022-2024)

Student Design Competition Task Force
Chris Birkentall, Chair (2022-2024)
Miranda Anderson, Member (2022-2024)
Cheri Jacobs, Member (2022-2024)
Laura Kimball, Member (2022-2024)
Sharran Parkinson, Member (2022-2024)
Steven Webber, Member (2022-2024)

Teaching and Learning in Round Committee
Erin Hamilton, Chair (2022-2024)
Miranda Anderson, Member (2022-2024)
Shelby Hicks, Member (2022-2024)
Sarah Wilhoit, Member (2022-2024)