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2020 VIDEO COMPETITION: Diversity & Inclusion 
First Place

Students: Aubrey Koontz, Samantha Cordell, and Rachel Eastman
Faculty Advisor: 
Migette Kaup, Kansas State University

Second Place

Diversity and Inclusion
Student: Chinne Okoronkwo, Sydney Laselle, Kortni Osborn, Carley Roessler
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Pearson, Texas Tech University

Third Place

Diversity in Interior Design
Student: Keyvie Troy
Faculty Advisor: Mia Kile,
The University of Oklahoma



First Place

IDEC Video Submission
Students: Alanna Frierson and Johnston B. Roberts
Faculty Advisor: Amy Huber, Florida State University

Second Place

How Technology is Changing Design
Student: Genevieve Bowlby
Faculty Advisor: Pallavi Swaranjali, Algonquin College

Third Place

Technology and its Effect to the Space
Student: Fatimah Bazaid
Faculty Advisor: Pallavi Swaranjali, Algonquin College

The 2018 Video Competition was themed: Human-Centered Design
2018 Competition Results

First Place

Healthy Buildings, Healthy Minds
Students: Brittany Flock, Mary Johnson, Hyunji Song and Amjad AlFawaz
Faculty Advisor: Amy Huber, Florida State University

Second Place

Interior Designers’ Social Impact
Students: Allison Stout, Bethany Pingel and Angela Leek
Faculty Advisor: Migette Kaup, Kansas State University

Third Place

Interior Design X Culture
Student: Amy Sarunporn Kaeowichian
Faculty Advisor: John Gaul, Savannah College of Art and Design

The 2017 Video Competition was themed: Interior Designers In Action
2017 Competition Results

First Place:
Mapping People
Students: Silviya Zhivkova, Genesis Li, Shahad Almazroa
Faculty Advisor: Nina Briggs
Woodbury University, School of Architecture

Second Place: 
Sustainability in the Smallest Spaces
Students: McKinley Emmett, Jackie Monson, Kimberly Smith & Peter Harrison
Utah State University

Third Place:
Discover Materials
Students: Trent Yeates, Katie Rawlings, Lindsey Martin & Allison Brown
Utah State University

The 2016 Video Competition was themed: Interior Designers In Action
2016 Competition Results:

First Place:
Turning on the Green Light
Students: Ashley Kime, Kylie Cowan, Paige McCumber, Sarah Flottman
Faculty Advisor: Hans Peter Wachter
University of Oklahoma
Second Place:
Solutions for People: Interior Design
Student: Isaac Boroughs
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Furlong
University of Arkansas – Fay Jones School of Architecture – Department of Interior Design

Third Place:
Interior Design is More Than You Think
Students: Sofia Bodewig, Cara Carne, Jeremy Sackler, & Dana Trezek
Faculty Advisor: Amy Huber
Florida State University

The 2015 competition was themed: Beginning Young: Introducing Interior Design To Youth

2015 Competition Results:

First Place:
Open Doors to Interior Design
Student: Albert Li
Iowa State University- College of Design
Faculty Advisor: Jihyun Song

Second Place:
Interior Design: Debunking Misconceptions of Youth
Student: Katelyn McCarley
University of Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor: Mia Kile

Third Place:
Why Choose Interior Design
Student: Christine Galley
Radford University
Faculty Advisor: Holly Cline

The 2014 competition asked the question: How does interior design education intersect with the practice of interior design?
2014 Competition Results:

First Place:
Monopoly – Interior Design Edition

Tessa Urvosky, Hannah Stefanek, Catherine Jordan, Haley DuPre
Auburn University
Faculty Advisor: Shari Park-Gates

Second Place:
From Classroom to the Office

Luis Felipe Bravo, Livi Pejo, Michelle Bendit, Katie Scheer, Tan Nguyen
Marymount University
Faculty Advisor: Moira Denson

Third Place:
Interior Design Education + Your Potential to Enhance the Quality of Life
Amanda Krueger, Melanie Murata
Florida State University
Faculty Advisor: Amy Mattingly Huber

2013 Honorable Mentions

Stronger Planet, Stronger You 
Nicole Thomas, Carolyn Weaver, Kristin Buck, Megan Ligday, Kendall Short, Briana McSweeney
Advisor: Holly Cline, Radford University
A Lesson on Sustainability: Interiors + Design 
Karen  Mejia, Ana Garcia, Sarah Hoffer, Randi Trevino, Blair Vo-Le
Advisor: Susan Lanford, The University of Texas at San Antonio
Interior Design + Human Health 
Kaitlin Barton, Stephanie Nixon, and Nanette Roberts
Advisor: Amanda Gale, Auburn University

2012 Competition Results:

1st Place

Kate Croy,
Lauren Reinhard,
Kelsey Keller,
Lory Marsocci,
Anna Beydoun
Radford University –
Advisor: Renee Walsh

2nd Place
Emily Erbes,
Anya Robson
Iowa State University –
Advisor: Jihyun Song
3rd Place
Kristin Amundsen,
Hannah Berryhill,
Emily Sutton
University of Texas Austin –
Advisor: Carl Matthews

2011 Competition Results

1st Place
Leigh Hardy, Ryan Weilenman, Sarah Tull, Alyse Lambert, Colette DeJean
Louisiana State University – Faculty Advisor: Danielle Johnson
2nd Place
Ahmed Alawadhi
University of Missouri-Columbia
3rd Place
Michelle Cleverdon, Lauren Payne, Ashleigh Wilson, Kendra Travis and
Katie Childress
Radford University – Faculty Advisor: Holly Cline and Nida DeBusk

2010 Competition Results

1st Place

Simon Chung, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

2nd Place
Erica Burgon & Kurt Leikis, Utah State University