These Modules are a set of high school interior design lesson plans focused on three timely topics: Global/Cultural Design, Universal Design and Sustainable Design. Each of the three modules offer three lesson plans with step-by-step instructions for teachers and students (n= total of 9 lesson plans). Each lesson plan includes unit objectives, identification of domains from the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) Pre-Pac Interior Design Fundamental Exam, national standards, life skills, instruction strategies, time needed to complete the unit, glossary words and required materials. As your students’ skills and knowledge may be at different levels depending on when you teach the course, some optional assignments are offered. These Modules were developed by Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D. (Colorado State University), and Peggy Harrison, Ret. Teacher (Cherry Creek High School, Denver, Colorado) as a result of a partnership between the Interior Design Educators Council, and State of Colorado – Colorado Technical Education + Family and Consumer Science (CTE + FCS) Division.

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Dr. Stephanie Clemons of Colorado State University