The IDEC Innovative Teaching Ideas initiative provides opportunities for educators to find inspiration and integrate new methodologies and content in their teaching. Innovative Teaching Ideas are examples of Interior Design projects, assignments or other planned learning activities, developed and facilitated by an Interior Design educator that advance creativity and effectiveness in teaching and learning in Interior Design. This initiative also offers educators the opportunity to share their teaching ideas in a peer-reviewed process that may be supportive of tenure and promotion.

IDEC invites educators from around the globe to submit an Innovative Teaching Idea (ITI) for potential inclusion in the IDEC 2021 Innovative Teaching Ideas Collection.

An ITI is an Interior Design project, assignment or other planned learning activity, developed and facilitated by an Interior Design educator that advances creativity and effectiveness in teaching and learning in Interior Design.

Inclusion in the IDEC Innovative Teaching Ideas Collection recognizes the author as a leader in innovative teaching. In the spirit of collaboration and advancing the education of interior design students, IDEC invites educators to share their ideas and experiences.

Submissions are welcome in these categories:

·     Studio Projects

·     Non-Studio Projects

·     Exercises

·     Focused Topic Reading Lists or Anthologies

·     Field Trip Itineraries and Details (with applied learning exercises)

·     Other Planned Learning Activities

Ideas are reviewed for their attendance to excellence and innovation. Reviewers will use the following criteria to assess each submission and make recommendations for acceptance.

1.  The ITI demonstrates an innovative teaching and learning method or approach

2.  The ITI is well organized, clear, and appropriate for the intended audience

3.  The ITI adds significant value to the current state of Interior Design education

4.  The ITI lends itself to easy adoption by educators from other institutions

Submissions are now closed.

The Innovative Teaching Ideas Collections are housed in our Resource Library. The first Innovative Teaching Ideas, developed in 1992, have been reformatted and are now available online as part of the Legacy ITI Collection.

Congratulations to the authors selected for the 2021 Collection:

Designer of Record
Torrey Tracy,  Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Design, University of Arkansas

Parti Pictionary
Stephanie Davidson, Assistant Professor, Ryerson University

Programming Through Scenario-Based Learning
Scott Barton, Adjunct Professor, University of Central Missouri

Beyond the Frame
Patrizio Martinelli, Miami University, Department of Architecture+Interior Design

Abstraction from Nature
Lauren Pillote-Wielenga, Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University

Youth At-Risk: Empathy as a Driver
Tina Patel, Assistant Professor, Kent State University and Stacie Burtelson, Adjunct Faculty, Kent State University

Supportive Housing: Interior Design Studio
Jason Shields, Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba

Virtual Field Trips to Worldwide Iconic Buildings
Habatalla Nazmy, Teaching Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State University

Light Level Survey
Eun Young Kim, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

The Environment Makes the Sound
Erin Speck, Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture, George Washington University

Personal Goals Vision Design Board Assignment
Sharon Shelton, Adjunct Instructor, Gwinnett Technical College and Tia Spaulding, Adjunct Instructor, Gwinnett Technical College

Understanding Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Gloria Stafford, PhD, University of Northern Iowa

Begin the Day with Play
Amy Roehl, Associate Professor, Texas Christian University

Empathy in Interdisciplinary Service
Beth McGee, Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University and Ryan Couillou, Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University