The COVID-19 crisis is disrupting traditional internship opportunities for many students across the globe. Shelter-in-place policies mandated for public safety are forcing evolution in how educational institutions approach traditional internship programs and how firms support interns.

IDEC is providing its members with eInternship, a module-based program with the resources an educator needs to create, complete and advance a virtual internship program for their students.

Thank you to IIDA for sponsoring this year’s eInternship program.

IDEC has provided resources and examples of projects, assignments, and engagements members can use to transition an in-person internship program to one that is 100% virtual. This is not a course; instead, it is resources to create a course based on each institution’s requirements.

This program is available to IDEC members only.

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eInternship Program Modules

Guiding Principles

  1. The virtual experience has the quality and rigor of an onsite experience.
  2. The virtual experience is inclusive of demonstrations, observations, conversations, exercises, follow-up and check-in demonstrating workplace culture
  3. The virtual experience is provided on a national demonstration and observation level and on a regional discussion, critique and feedback level, engaging with design professionals, and providing hands-on experiences through exercises and follow up discussion.
  4. The virtual experience provides synchronous and asynchronous interactions with a broad exposure to design practice.

Student Goals & Objectives

  1. Learn about the culture in an architecture and design firm
  2. Learn how practitioners interact with a client
  3. Learn how to prepare for a meeting in a design firm
  4. Document work and interactions, process PO’s, complete timesheets, and review and write meeting minutes

For Interested Practitioners & Industry Partners

IDEC is seeking industry partners to volunteer for engagement opportunities ranging from 1-on-1 meetings with interior design students to webinars (sometimes pre-recorded) on your area of expertise. If you or someone else from your firm or organization has the capacity to help our educators and students, please complete our online survey. Guidelines for 1:1 student appointments may be found here.