The primary mission of IDEC is to provide quality teaching to the field of interior design. In this section, you will find Innovative Teaching Ideas and various videos, links and other materials designed to enhance your teaching the retention of knowledge and skills by your students. Whether you are a college/university educator, graduate student or practitioner contemplating an academic career, or teacher engaging K-12 students in interior design, there is something here for you!

Smart reStart

The fall semester is upon us.. Plans for reopening institutions vary widely and educators are searching for ideas and resources to facilitate quality teaching and learning. In response, IDEC is providing members with SMART reSTART, a collection of teaching essentials to help educators develop alternative teaching models, rethink facilities, and utilize digital communication tools to enhance the health and wellbeing of students and teachers during these uncertain times. Find Smart reStart here.

IDEC eInternship

Resources and examples of projects, assignments, and engagements members can use to transition an in-person internship program to one that is 100% virtual. This is not a course; instead, it is resources to create a course based on each institution’s requirements. Find eInternship here.




IDEC also partners with CIDA to ensure that our members are prepared for accreditation. Visit to become an advocate for CIDA and access their latest tool kit of resources.