Poster presentations will be available to watch at anytime during both days of the virtual symposium, October 1 and October 15.

Body Image Dissatisfaction: A Restaurant Design to Improve Positive Body Image and Self Esteem
Mengyao Yang

Arcadia: An Integrated Student Center to Alleviate Chinese College Student Academic Anxiety
Yue Liu

A Design Exploration of Transition Space in Chinese Museum to Promote Adolescents; Lifestyle Experience
Junyan Wang

Reducing Traumatic Stress for the Asian American Community Through Community Gathering Activities in the United States
Hyojeong Seo

Invisibly Vulnerable: Designing to Meet the Needs of the Chinese Single Mothers
Chun Ye

My Experiment with Culture: Bringing Cultural Thinking to the Creative Process
Ashutosh Sohoni

Ft. Stewart Bowling Center Alteration/Restoration: A Collaborative Project with IPG Architects
Selena Nawrocki