1984 Milestones

Authored by IDEC President Ron Veitch, “The 1995 Hypothesis” focused on three primary points, which were expanded later by subsequent leaders. The six points, as noted below and as published afterward in Interior Design magazine, formed a direction for action.
  1.     By 1995, FIDER may accredit first professional degree-level education programs.
  2.     By 1995, NCIDQ may require, for eligibility to take its examination, a degree from a FIDER-accredited program plus work experience.
  3.     By 1995, a professional organization may require for membership a degree from a FIDER-accredited program, work experience, passage of the NCIDQ examination and maintenance of continuing education credits.
  4.     By 1995, 30 states may have passed a professional title registration act.
  5.     By 1995, there may be ONE single umbrella professional organization in the U.S.
  6.     By 1995, more interior design courses will be incorporated into architecture curricula as well as more architecture courses admitted into interior design.