1968 Milestones

The opening page of the Directory states: “This directory represents the first phase of a major curriculum study on interior design education by the Interior Design Educators Council. Interior design as a meaningful profession has emerged in recent years only, and no single group or bureau has ever assembled basic statistical information on the teaching of interior design. The main purpose of IDEC’s curriculum study will be recommendations for curriculum reform based on a thorough analysis of data collected from schools, from a professional opinion survey, and from a comparative analysis of design education abroad and in allied fields.”
“We started out with an official directory, and we had well over 300 listings, but not more than perhaps 30 schools with a serious curriculum. I … agreed to become the chief investigator for the project.” Arnold Friedmann
The listing is separated by:
1) schools offering academic majors in interior design leading to a baccalaureate degree;
2) schools offering academic minors in interior design;
3) professional schools and junior colleges with major programs in interior design;
4) professional schools and junior colleges with some interior design courses;
5) schools offering graduate work in interior design; and
6) schools with no interior design programs but with one or two elective courses.