1968 Milestones
The Forward of the Critical Study explains its purpose: “This report is the final product of a comprehensive study of interior design education whose goal was to supply meaningful data on the quality and quantity of design education in the United States and to make recommendations based on these findings for the betterment of design education and the professional standing of the field.” Membership at the time “consists of 130 individuals representing approximately 80 universities and design schools.”
“This study, which built upon the earlier 1964, 1965, and 1966 IDEC educational studies, was one of the most significant documents ever published by IDEC. It directly resulted in the formation of FIDER to accredit interior design programs, NCIDQ to administer a qualifying examination and licensing guidelines, and the Interior Design Issues Forum to serve as a forum for professional associations leaders. It also launched a new AID test as a part of voluntary certification.” Buie Harwood